FULL TEXT: MDC-T Statement On Court Ruling Over Harvest House Seizure

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FULL TEXT: MDC-T Statement On Court Ruling Over Harvest House Seizure

The Law Prevailed over Lawlessness

Today the MDC-T secured a court order for the eviction of the G40 sponsored anarchists who had unlawfully occupied MRT House.

It is clear that the reactionary forces are determined to distort our mission. It is also clear that the reality of the Supreme Court judgement, which many dismissed as moot is sinking, and resultantly causing panic in our erstwhile colleagues in the so-called Alliance party.

Their narrative of a moot judgement was not only a figment of their imagination but a disastrous lie which they can no longer sustain.

Through a vicious miscalculated campaign of this lie, they have misled many MPs, Councillors and the general public.

We assure our membership that these forces of darkness and confusion will not succeed in their plans to highjack the people’s project.

We reaffirm our zero tolerance to indiscipline and lawlessness and call upon our youths not to be used to perpetrate violence and engage in lawless behaviour at the instigation of leaders seeking to advance selfish personal agendas.

We will not be swayed by those who seek to cause confusion in our endeavour to return the party to legitimacy.

The MDC-T is a law-abiding party anchored in values of constitutionalism, rule of law and respect of basic fundamental freedoms.

We call upon our right thinking membership to remain resolute in this tortuous journey towards the restoration of legitimacy and founding values of the party.

As the preparation for the Extra-Ordinary Congress gathers momentum we remain fortified in our resolve to bring back the party to constitutionalism and rule of law.

As we confront these challenges let us remain strong and determined to achieve the people’s agenda for a better Zimbabwe.

We urge our ward, district, provincial and national leadership to remain focused on the preparations for the Extra-Ordinary Congress to replace our late iconic leader Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirayi.

Together victory is certain.

MDC Information and Communication Department.



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