FULL TEXT: MDC-A Communiqué On National Council Meeting

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FULL TEXT: MDC-A Communiqué On National Council Meeting

On the 23rd of October 2020, the National Council of the MDC Alliance met in accordance with the party’s constitution. The following matters were tabled for deliberation:

1. Livelihoods: The National Council received reports from all provinces on the deepening crisis of poverty in all provinces that has been caused by Zanu PF’s bad governance.

Teachers, doctors and nurses are incapacitated due to wage erosion and the worsening economic crisis.

Reports were also received of the politicization of Covid-19 food aid and Pfumvudza program assistance.

Most provinces are suffering from the continued hunger crisis and a lack of inputs for the upcoming agricultural season.

2. Human Security and Bad Governance Crisis: The National Council was briefed on the continued rise of abduction cases in all provinces where MDC Alliances leaders and pro-democracy activists are being routinely targeted.

There is also a co-ordinated weaponization of the law by the State where MDC Alliance members and pro-democracy activists have been arrested and detained on spurious charges in an attempt to silence their criticism of the government.

3. Recalls of Elected Representatives: The National Council received a comprehensive briefing on the capture of state institutions that have been used to fraudulently elevate Ms Khupe to Parliament and recall duly elected Members of Parliament and local government representatives in a clear breach of the will of the people.

The Council noted its strong displeasure with these unconstitutional acts and the continued onslaught on the will of the people.

The recalled MDC Alliance officials remain committed to serving the people notwithstanding what has transpired.

4. By-Elections: Preparations for by-elections are at an advanced stage. The Council received a detailed elections report.

All systems are in place to ensure that the party is well-positioned to carry out its mandate in respect of the people.

The demand for a free, fair and credible electoral process that accords with the constitutional standard and for the wholesale reform of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the electoral playing field were re-affirmed.

5. Health of the Party: The National Council took note of the sound health of the party as all branches and structures are solid and growing.

The strategic focus shall be directed towards energizing the basis with a particular emphasis on the rural strategy.

Action will be taken on implementing programmes centred around the party’s big fights, namely, the fight for the return to legitimacy and democracy, the fight for a people’s Government, the fight against corruption, the fight for better livelihoods and the fight in defence of the Constitution and Constitutionalism.

Attention will be devoted to renewing the institutional and administrative capacity of the party as well as developing modern, data-driven protocols and systems that are in tune with the demands of the communities the party serves.

The party will update all policies in line with the changing realities and new
threats and emerging opportunities.

The National Council committed to remaining unwavering in championing the cause of the Zimbabwean people, being the legitimate voice of the suffering masses and leading a broad front to confront Zanu PF in the fight to win Zimbabwe for change.

Fadzayi Mahere
National Spokesperson



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