A Great Zimbabwe Is Loading - Nelson Chamisa

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A Great Zimbabwe Is Loading - Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa who leads opposition MDC Alliance has said a Great Zimbabwe is loading. He made the remarks in his Independence Day message.

Posting on microblogging site, Twitter, this Sunday, Chamisa heroes and heroines of the armed struggle that brought about independence in 1980. He said:

_Zim@41 Saluting our struggle veterans for the sacrifice. Independence was a product of citizens’ convergence for a liberation promise. Let’s make the promise a reality. A great Zimbabwe is loading. The fight for freedom is continuous. Blessed Independence Day Zimbabwe. #GreatZimbabwe_

Some responded to his tweet saying they had had enough of the dire Zimbabwean crises to which he responded saying he was aware adding “tinosvika,” [we will arrive].

His remarks come when some political analysts have written off Chamisa’s 2023 election chances saying the opposition is in disarray hence not equipped to dislodge the ruling ZANU PF from power.

The ruling party is considered as the new oppressor that should be removed to bring freedom to the suffering masses.

Many argue that although Zimbabwe attained independence from Britain in 1980, the citizenry was still facing the same issues they faced in the pre-independence era.

They accuse the ruling ZANU PF of infringing human rights and collapsing the once vibrant economy worsening the plight of the masses.

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