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Zimbabwe's Weather Report And Forecast For 04-06 June 2023

8 months agoSun, 04 Jun 2023 16:33:25 GMT
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Zimbabwe's Weather Report And Forecast For 04-06 June 2023

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) of Zimbabwe, in partnership with the Department of Civil Protection, has issued the Zimbabwe Evening Weather Report and Forecast for Sunday 04 June 2023 until Tuesday 06 June 2023. The weather was mostly sunny throughout the country with light winds. The lowest recorded ground minimum temperature was 4 degrees Celsius at Nyanga, and there was no ground frost recorded at all stations countrywide. Daytime temperatures were warm.

For Monday 05 June 2023, clear skies with light winds are expected during the day, which may increase in strength towards evening. Daytime temperatures should remain warm, and the nights are expected to be cool. There is no ground frost anticipated. However, windy and cool conditions may affect the health of vulnerable individuals and trigger respiratory-related illnesses in all persons. Poultry, especially day-old chicks, are sensitive to overnight declines in temperature. The differences between night and daytime temperatures can affect the body’s perception of cold.

For cattle breeders, it is important to ensure that their livestock are well-cared for during the weather conditions outlined in the forecast. As the day is expected to be warm, it is important to provide shade and access to water to prevent dehydration. The cool nights may require additional measures to keep the cattle warm, such as providing adequate shelter or blankets. The windy conditions should also be taken into consideration, as they may cause stress to the animals. It is important to monitor the health of vulnerable individuals, such as young or sick animals, as they may be more susceptible to respiratory illnesses in these conditions.

To take appropriate action, ensure that vulnerable individuals are dressed appropriately, especially in the early hours of the morning. Keep warm, especially in the southern parts of the country. Wear a sunhat or carry an umbrella if there is a need to be outdoors in the northern parts of the country. Monitor the temperature within fowl runs and adjust accordingly to reduce the impact of cold conditions on the bird population.

For Tuesday 06 June 2023, cool, moist, and fresh southeasterly winds are expected to enter the country from the eastern borders, resulting in cloudy conditions in some provinces. Matabeleland South, Masvingo, and southern parts of both Midlands and Manicaland should experience cloudiness, which is expected to reduce as the day progresses. The remaining areas should remain mostly sunny with moderate winds.

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