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Mliswa Predicts A Shift Of Zimbabwe's Political Landscape After Elections

4 months agoSun, 23 Jul 2023 06:20:11 GMT
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Mliswa Predicts A Shift Of Zimbabwe's Political Landscape After Elections

According to independent legislator for Norton, Temba Mliswa, an army of independent legislators will rise to claim positions in Zimbabwe’s National Assembly after next month’s elections and dramatically shift the political landscape.

Mliswa, who was sacked by Zanu PF in 2016 for allegedly dividing the ruling party, said significant damage was inflicted on major political parties after going through divisive internal selection processes ahead of the elections. As a result, many hopefuls were disqualified, leading to discontentment among them. They will now stand as independent candidates. He said:

Internal processes, even in Zanu PF and CCC was not good.

Unfortunately, Christopher Rwodzi is no more. But he was going to win because in his own area in Gutu West he was controlling seven out of 10 wards.

The seven Zanu PF council candidates were supporting him and they never conducted a primary election. He was going to win against others. That has an effect on a party with intentions to have a two-thirds majority in Parliament. Is Zanu PF going to have a Parliamentary majority? I don’t think so! They are likely going to suffer. But with the current situation in CCC, they seem to be giving back the seats that Zanu PF did not deserve to win. Internal processes have been in shambles for both parties. But Zanu PF seems to have addressed their problems better.

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The President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) is winning 60/40%. Whether there is going to be a two-thirds majority in Parliament, that is something we are doubtful about. It will be the same with the CCC. They will not control councils, it will not be the same because they (candidates) have equally gone independent.

Mliswa also criticised ZANU PF for blocking aspiring legislator Christopher Rwodzi in the Gutu South constituency. Rwodzi passed away in a traffic accident after mounting an independent candidacy. Mliswa believes that Rwodzi was well-placed to deliver a ZANU PF victory.

Mliswa criticised President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, saying that corruption has hindered progress and made the people poorer. He believes that Mnangagwa failed to deal with corruption, and his tenure has been undermined by a lack of confidence. Mliswa thinks that Mnangagwa should have included opposition members to rebuild the nation.

Mliswa also stated that the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) was probably going to win the elections if not for the disputed internal selection process. 

He said a survey by Youth Advocacy for Reform and Advocacy predicts that President Emmerson Mnangagwa will win with 60% of the vote, and several other polls in the past week have also predicted a Mnangagwa victory.

Temba Mliswa, the only independent legislator in Zimbabwe’s National Assembly, filed papers last month to contest as an independent in the upcoming August 23 elections. He will defend his position against ZANU PF’s Constance Shamu and the CCC’s Richard Tsvangirai. Meanwhile, Shamu has promised Norton residents that her priority would be ensuring that the town ends its reliance on Harare’s water.

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