Mzembi Advises CCC To Withdraw From Parliament And Boycott By-elections

4 months agoFri, 20 Oct 2023 15:23:57 GMT
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Mzembi Advises CCC To Withdraw From Parliament And Boycott By-elections

Self-exiled former ZANU PF member Walter Mzembi has advised the Nelson Chamisa-led CCC to withdraw from Parliament and boycott the upcoming by-elections.

This comes after President Emmerson Mnangagwa proclaimed 09 December 2023 as the date for by-elections in nine National Assembly constituencies left vacant following recalls by self-proclaimed CCC interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu.

Posting on X, Mzembi said if the Nelson Chamisa-led party participates in the upcoming by-elections, it will have endorsed “Mambara of the Year” (in reference to Tshabangu), as the leader of CCC. Said Mzembi:

Dump Parliament, it’s time for Politics!

Participation in the forthcoming By-Election ;

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

1. Endorses ” Mambara of the Year ” as Leader of CCC. In fact, he is being assisted in this blitzkrieg!

2. Reality we may arrive there after his Congress of CCC after which he will make it illegal for anyone to run on this label.

3. All legislators missing his Congress will be recalled or sanctioned.

4. There will be calibration and balancing of these expulsions, to align to the new Budget year; collect money first from the Treasury and fire those non-aligned.

5. There may be a beeline of new allegiances to the one who recalls.

6. The SADC Report will be history after the By-Elections which will be run differently and used as a future reference.

7. 2/3 Majority is already in the bag so is the One Party State!

The Chinese model of coopted opposition is upon us. Denial is the biggest issue now and soon some “clapping” is required to wake some of us up, especially elected officials from this horrible dream that their dalliance with the opulence of Parliament was just but a mirage!

The theatre of change is outside Parliament. Get real, No Salvation without Sacrifice!

Meanwhile, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said ZANU PF did not initiate the CCC recalls but has simply taken advantage of factionalism with the opposition party. Said Chin’ono:

These recalls have not been initiated by ZANU-PF. Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF are only taking advantage of the CCC chaos.

Tshabangu has handlers inside CCC who are disgruntled as they have said on numerous occasions both directly and indirectly.

They say they are disgruntled with how their party has been personalised by Nelson Chamisa. We shouldn’t be lazy to ascribe everything to ZANU PF.

ZANU PF is only making it easier for the CCC faction because ZANU PF controls the state. ZANU PF is predatory, it is taking advantage of the fights in CCC because a divided CCC is a manna from heaven for ZANU PF. Chamisa knows that is happening!

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