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Ambrose Mutinhiri

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Retired Brigaddier General
Ambrose Mutinhiri
Born Ambrose Mutinhiri
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Politician

Political party Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
Spouse(s) Tracy Mutinhiri
Children Vimbai Mutinhiri

Ambrose Mutinhiri is a Zimbabwean politician, veteran of Zimbabwe's liberation war and the former Mashonaland East Minister of State for Provincial Affairs.[1]


Mutinhiri was born on 22 February in 1944.[2] He was born in Rhodesia during the colonial era when present day Zimbabwe was still under the minority rule of the white settlers.

Mutinhiri was once married to another fellow politician Tracy Mutinhiri. The couple however divorced after the latter was accused of engaging in other extra-marital affairs with married men. He is the father of a famous Zimbabwean socialite Vimbai Mutinhiri who once represented Zimbabwe in the Big Brother Africa reality television show.

Political career

Mutinhiri allegedly started his political career during the days of the Second Chimurenga in the then Rhodesia. This he did through joining the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) and was subsequently attested into the military wing of the revolutionary movement (ZIPRA).[3] In fact, Mutinhiri was one of the founder members of the ZAPU party and its military wing ZIPRA. He rose through the ranks to become one of the most successful military leaders during the liberation struggle.[3]

At independence, all guerilla movements including the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army were merged to from one united force called the Zimbabwe National Army. Mutinhiri was one of the leaders who facilitated the merging of the two armies.[3] By the time he retired from the army, Mutinhiri had been rose through the ranks to become Brigadier General.

Mutinhiri, who is the former Member of Parliament for Marondera West ,previously served as Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Yugoslavia, was a founder member of the military wing of ZAPU. As a senior member of ZAPU he also served as ZIPRA chief of staff at some point. Such history, among other accolades, he has claimed, renders him one of the most senior surviving members of former ZAPU cadres. In 2004, Mutinhiri was the Minister of Youth Development and Employment Creation of the Government of Zimbabwe.[4]

Vice Presidency Bid

In 2014, Mutinhiri claimed to be one of the few surviving senior ZAPU cadres. He also openly admitted that he will be contesting for the position of the second vice president which became vacant after the death of John Nkomo.[5] In an interview with one of the local media hoses, Mutinhiri openly confessed that “It’s true I have seniority but I have not said anything yet,” Mutinhiri told the Financial Gazette. “I am still consulting regarding the vice presidency". position.”[3]

Invovelvement in Zanu-PF Factionalism

Mutinhiri was not left out in the tide of factionalism that rocked the nationalist party in 2014. After earlier reports that former ZAPU members had endorsed Simon Khaya Moyo for the second vice president post, Mutinhiri openly contested the move and declined that he did not take part in the endorsement of Moyo.[6] He argued that he was one of the senor members of the party and he deserved the position of the vice president. Mutinhiri was also accused of criticizing the first lady Grace Mugabe after he continued with his bid despite her disapproval of him. For this reason among other, it was generally speculated that Mutinhiri belonged to the faction led by vice president Joice Mujuru which was pushing for Mujuru's ascendancy to the highest office.


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