Andy Muridzo
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BornKudzai Andrew Ngwenya
(1992-06-18) June 18, 1992 (age 28)
  • Musician
Known forBeing a Musician
Home townMurehwa

Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya popularly known as Andy Muridzo is a Zimbabwean musician. He is well known for his songs Dherira and Chidhafudhunda off his album Ngarizhambe. However Muridzo has often been criticised as a copycat of Jah Prayzah which he has denied.


Andy Muridzo was born Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya on June 18, 1992[1][2] in Bulawayo then moved to Murehwa where he grew up. He is married to Chido Manyange and stays with his wife in Budiriro. He refers to her as Mai Keketso[3]

Jah Prayzah's teacher, Mupa Musimbe, is the one who gave him the name Muridzo which means whistle, because the singer would express his excitement through whistling at school gatherings.[4]


Muridzo learned at Mushanhi Secondary School together with Jah Prayzah.[4]


In an interview with a Zimbabwean publication, he mentioned that he started singing when he was in Form two and was the church choir leader. He then started writing music after Jah Prayzah took him under his wing in 2013.

He used to sing at church together with Jah Prayzah before he became a popular musician. Muridzo says that Jah Prayzah is the one who inspired him to start writing music and follow in his tracks. He also says that he wanted to pursue a career as a Zimdancehall musician, but Jah Prayzah advised him against it.[3]

Muridzo leads the 13-member Jeetaz Band.

Copying Jah Prayzah Allegations

When asked in an interview if he copies Jah Prayzah, Muridzo said he only sings a genre that Jah Prayzah has mastered, and he follows in his mentor's tracks. In the interview, he said,

My understanding of a copycat is someone who copies what someone is doing and does it themselves. I am not a copycat, but I am someone who is inspired by Jah Prayzah. I just sing a genre that Jah has mastered, and I follow in his tracks. As I have said before when I started music I wanted to sing dancehall. But as a seasoned musician, Jah advised me to try his type of music because he did not have anyone who he was mentoring. So that is how I started singing his type of music – I am essentially Jah Prayzah’s student.


Millitary Touch Movement Contract

Andy Muridzo was signed under Jah Prayzah record label, Military Touch Movement in January 2017. However barely a year after Muridzo was signed he was already complaining that the deal was benefitting Jah Prayzah more than it did him. In March 2018, Muridzo openly said he regretted signing up with the record label.

I no longer want anything to do with MTM. I want out. Rather, I’m practically out but still with them on paper. I have a five-year contract that I signed last year though I’m working on terminating it.

I have not been attending MTM functions for some time now and that should be sending a clear message to everyone regarding my position with them.

Not a single thing I was promised on the contract has been fulfilled. Actually, Jah Prayzah wants all the good things for himself. He is not willing to assist others and is not a saint as most of you imagine him to be.

… things have been hectic over the past months but I’m happy I have taken corrective measures. JP had access to my recorded but yet to be released music at MTM studios and that was creating serious challenges for me. I need to be my own man once again and determine my destiny, so yes this is it, hukama hwangu neMTM hwapera (my relationship with MTM is done). I don’t want to continue leaving in this mistake.[5]

Termination of MTM contract

The contract between Andy Muridzo and Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement was officially terminated in March of 2018. A letter from an MTM official one Keen Mushapaidze said:

We acknowledge receiving your email dated March 5, 2018, wherein you stated your intention to leave MTM and that you were terminating your contract with immediate effect. We would like to inform you that we have considered your request and hereby consent to the termination of your contract with MTM


  • Pakubuda Kwezuva released March 25, 2015
  • Munndo (2018)


The album has the following tracks; Ngarizhambe, Tinopekedza, Haungatikoromotse, Dherira, Tande, Chomuduri, Chidhafu Dhunda, Ngaituruke, Zvipande, Tungamira Tiende, Kuzvara Kamwe, Handirambe Mukoma, Unoendepi, Sarunde and Dhali Huya.[6]


The album was launched on 22 March 2017. It has the tracks; Emma, Memo, Yehombarume, Blowing Trumpets, Tichambotenderera, Mai Maria, Merenziana, Dhibhi Remhuru, Chingoma Cherudo, Dairai, Kumabumbe, and Ndirangarirei.[7]

Affair with Beverly Sibanda

On 31 January 2017, Muridzo made headlines when he appeared on the front page of daily tabloid H-Metro after dancer Beverly Sibanda claimed that he had impregnated her. Bev claimed that she was two months pregnant, something Muridzo strenuously denied. Muridzo took to Facebook Live and recorded a short video in which he admitted having the affair with Beverly Sibanda although he denied paternity of the child, citing the time elapsed.

Muridzo said:

It ‘affair’ is something that happened last year and I managed to resolve the issue with my wife but to say I made her pregnant will not be correct.[8]


In March 2018, Muridzo was reportedly arrested for a hit and run accident. Muridzo was alleged not to have a drivers licence and was involved in an accident where he allegedly hit three vehicles near the central business district before escaping. One of the cars was reported to have been damaged beyond repair with the vehicle owner sustaining serious injuries. Andy Muridzo Arrested For Hit-And-Run Accident

Andy and Wife

Muridzo and wife.png


Andy Muridzo - Dherira [Official HD Video] June 2016 Afro Fusion Jazz Zimbabwe
Andy Muridzo - Chidhafu Dhunda (Official HD Video 2016) NAXO Film ZIMBABWE


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