Beverly Angel

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Beverly Angel
Beverly Angel, Uebert Angel Wife, Spirit Embassy
BornBeverly Madzudzo
(1982-07-04) July 4, 1982 (age 37)
  • Religious Leader.
  • Entrepreneur
  • Author
Years active2005 to present
OrganizationSpirit Embassy Ministries
Known forEngaging in charitable works
Spouse(s)Uebert Angel

Beverly Angel is a Zimbabwean businesswoman, author and the wife to the founder of Spirit Embassy, Uebert Angel. She is also a 'prophetess' within the same church as well as a director of the various companies that she and Uebert Angel own.


Beverly Angel was born Beverly Madzudzo on July 4, 1982.[1] She is married to Uebert Angel and the couple has three children.[2]

Educational Background

She has a degree in Finance from the University of Salford.[3]


Prophetess Angel as she is popularly known in religious circles, is a prominent speaker, teacher and television host.[3] Together with Uebert Angel they founded Spirit Embassy Ministries and the organisation has grown immensely with branches in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa and the Carribean Islands. She is also the founder of [Flair], a women's organisation that seeks to empower women to develop in the love God.[3] Beverly is the CEO of an organisation called H.O.M.E. which among other services offers care to the elderly, building schools and providing educational funding to underprivileged children.

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Business Interests

Beverly and husband Uebert have various companies most of which are registered in the United Kingdom. Beverly Angel is the director of Spirit Embassy Ltd as well as other companies such as:

  • Lion Crest Limited
  • Miracle TV Ltd
  • Levi House Ltd
  • Spirit Embassy Ltd
  • Coffee Islands (PVT) Ltd
  • Black Stallion Limited
  • Miracle Time TV Limited[4]


  • Enjoy Life Now
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  • Intimacy


In 2016 Uebert Angel bought his wife a $400 000 Lamborghini for valentines.


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