Crispen Makedenge
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BornCrispen Makedenge
  • Former Assistant Police Commissioner
Known forBeing former head of ZRP Law & Order Division

Crispen Makedenge is a former Zimbabwean police officer. He was an assistant commissioner and officer commanding CID Law and Order Division. He reportedly went to the United States of America to seek information from Facebook while conducting extra-territorial investigations concerning the Baba Jukwa case. He retired from the police force in 2019.[1]

Baba Jukwa Case

In 2014 he reportedly went to the United States of America to seek information from Facebook while conducting extra-territorial investigations in a case in which former Sunday Mail editor, Edmund Kudzayi, who was believed to be the shadowy character, Baba Jukwa, faced charges of attempting to subvert a constitutionally elected government through “waging cyber war.”[2]


Makedenge was redeployed to Masvingo from Harare in September 2016. His redeployment caused speculation that he had been transferred for turning ThisFlag Movement leader, Evan Mawarire, war veterans’ spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya and secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda into instant heroes by failing to properly prepare their charges following their arrests. Sources interviewed by NewsDay said,

There is a general feeling that Makedenge messed up in the manner he handled the Mawarire case and that of Mahiya and Matemadanda over the war veterans communiqué, hence, his transfer to Masvingo.

[3] However police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba in an interview with Herald said,

The ZRP wants to put an end to those speculations that he has been transferred because of this and that. This has nothing to do with poor performance and all these sinister reports we are getting. Assistant Commissioner Makedenge, just like any other senior officer, can also be transferred. ZRP is a countrywide police service and policing does not end in Harare only. Commanders have a prerogative to transfer officers on reasons only privy to the organisation. Our transfer policy allows officers to be rotated and it is normal within the organisation.

Makedenge's transfer came at a time when Government redeployed close to 500 police officers in August who were at different stations in Beitbridge District to other stations countrywide, amid allegations of failure to deliver their duties to expectations after the July 2016 shutdown at Beitbridge border post.[4]


Seeking Protection Order Against Ex-Girlfriend

In July 2014, Makedenge approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against his ex-girlfriend, whom he said was in the habit of visiting his home and work place to verbally abuse him. Makedenge sired a child with Memory Musango in 2013. He wanted Musango barred from visiting his home and work place at Harare Central Police Station because she was causing violence and disturbing his peace and stated that he never lived together with Musango despite having a child with her.

On the day of the hearing Musango did not turn up at the courts. Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Barbra Masinire granted the protection order in default in favour of Makedenge, which barred Musango from verbally or physically abusing him. Ms Masinire said she could not bar Musango from visiting Harare Central Police Station since it is a public place.[5]

RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme

Crispen Makedenge received US$11,400 worth of equipment and machinery.[6]

Mental Health Issues

Ex-Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge having mental issues after hitting hard times. The former boss of the Law and Order Division has been trending on social media after an image purportedly showing him in his new state, went viral. Makedenge is alleged to be having mental issues, which are affecting his ability to function.

Former top cop, former Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge who used to command the CID Law and Order Division, is reported to have fallen on hard times. Many social media users commented on the photo narrating how Makedenge had allegedly tortured and harassed some of them when he was still in a powerful position. Actor and activist Silvanos Mudzvova shared the image of the former top cop and captioned it warning members of the security services not to be overzealous and to desist from abusing their positions. He alleged that Makedenge had personally tortured him in front of his lawyer. He went on to say that the former top cop is now suffering from a mental condition.[7]


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