Victor Matemadanda
Victor Matemadanda, Zanu PF, War Vets, ZNLWVA
BornVictor Matemadanda
  • Politician
Political partyZimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
ChildrenTerrence Matemadanda

Victor Matemadanda is a Zimbabwean liberation War veteran and politician. He is the current Deputy Minister of Defence. He is also the current Zanu PF National Political Commissar. Matemadanda is a former Deputy Minister of War Veterans. Matemadanda is the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA). As a member of Zanu-PF he is part of the Central Committee. He contested in the July 2018 elections and won becoming Member of Parliament for Gokwe Central.

Personal Details

Born: 03/03/1960.
Son, Terrence, [1]

School / Education

Victor Matemadanda holds a degree from UNISA.

Service / Career

1973 - joined ZANLA.
2013 – Unsuccessfully contested as MP for Gokwe Central.
2014 – Secretary General of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA).
2017 - Appointed Zanu PF political commissar.
2018 – Elected MP, representing Gokwe Central.
2018 - Appointed Deputy-Minister of Defence.


2013 Election

In 2013, Matemadanda contested in the Zanu-PF primary elections for the Gokwe Central Member of Parliament seat, and he lost.[2]

2018 Election

He contested in the July 2018 elections and won thereby becoming Member Of Parliament for Gokwe Central.

Involvement in Zanu-PF Factionalism

2014 As Secretary-General of ZNLWVA, Matemadanda was reported to have been vocal against Joice Mujuru's accusations which said she was working to succeed Robert Mugabe.

Matemadanda was reported for having been part of the ZNLWVA elders that effected the expulsion of Jabulani Sibanda as chairperson of the organisation in October 2014 when Sibanda was accused of criminally insulting the then President Robert Mugabe and former First Lady Grace Mugabe[3] after Sibanda referred to the First Lady as having carried out a "Bedroom Coup". [4]

As the spokesperson of the War veterans, Matemadanda was reported to be involved in the expulsion of Rugare Gumbo from Zanu-PF.Matemadanda was believed to have recommended the removal of Gumbo from the Zanu-PF secretary for Information and Publicity post . for the saying succession of Robert Mugabe was a critical issue to be discussed at the party's December 2014 Congress.[5] Matemadanda was to later himself express Sibanda's sentiments about Grace Mugabe two years later in February 2016 after a faction associated with Grace Mugabe attempted to expel him from ZNLWVA with a vote of no confidence.

As the Zanu-PF succession fights between Grace Mugabe's G40 and Emmerson Mnangagwa's Lacoste Faction escalated in 2016, Matemadanda was reported to be part of the Lacoste Faction.

2015 - 2016 On 12 February 2016, addressing a Press conference, war veterans led by ZNLWVA secretary for Information and Publicity Mandi Chimene reportedley indicated that they had resolved to dismiss Victor Matemadanda as Secretary General of the organisation. A vote of no confidence was however passed for Matemadanda, Christopher Mutsvangwa,Monica Mutsvangwa and Headman Moyo. On 15 February 2016 however, Matemadanda, Mutsvangwa and others members of ZNLWVA (provincial chairpersons and national executive members from Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces) convened for an emergency meeting.This meeting was held in Harare and they declared the Vote of No Confidence to be null and void .It was reported that according to them, the provisions of the ZNLWVA constitution had not been followed for them to be dismissed. The meeting was addressed by Matemadanda . The meeting adopted a special resolution to convene an emergency general meeting of freedom fighters to look into developments in the association, the party and the nation.[6]

ZNLWVA Meeting in Harare on 15 February 2016

Arrest For Alleged Involvement In Authoring Communique

On 28 July 2016 there were reports that Matemadanda had been arrested at his Gokwe home and taken to Harare’s Law and Order section. The reports went on pointing out that he was allegedly involved in the authoring of a communique that denounced Robert Mugabe and labelled him a dictator.[7]

Matemadanda was however arrested during Douglas Mahiya's bail hearing on August 1, 2016. Police arrested him when he attended Mahiya's bail hearing at Harare Magistrates Court in Rotten Row.

In December 2017, Victor Matemadanda said Presidential insult laws must be abolished. This was after a Harare court refused to prosecute him. He was arrested in July 2016 with the other executive members of the association, for allegedly writing a document that denounced Mugabe for running down the country. He was represented by leading rights attorney Beatrice Mtetwa.

At least 80 cases had been filed under the law but no single conviction was secured. In addition, the highest court had declared the law unconstitutional, which made it a crime to insult the president. Under Section 33 of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act, a person could be jailed for up to a year or fined $100 for insulting the president’s office. The crackdown against dissent had been central to Mugabe’s authoritarian regime. However, the freedom to lampoon political leaders is one of the crucial differences between liberal democracies and authoritarian states. The international law framework governing freedom of expression is clearly contained in treaty law: Articles 19 and 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.


Post Coup

In 2017: ZANU PF Would Have Lost 2018 Elections With Mugabe As President, Says Matemadanda. [9]

Victor Matemadanda, newly-appointed Zanu PF political commissar, replacing the exiled Saviour Kasukuwere, said he would fight to ensure that the ruling party remained united, while accepting divergent views.

“As war veterans, we fought to liberate the country and we want to give direction now.” He said during the war, they had received lessons on how to identify the enemy, adding: “As we are at the moment in Zimbabwe, there is nothing called an enemy, we have political opponents and it’s healthy for democracy.” [10]

He is also on record calling on Rhodesians to return to rebuild Zimbabwe. “We want them (Rhodesians) to be part of the next governance in Zimbabwe because this country has been run on a scorched earth policy”. [11]

In November 2019, he was accused by Amos Sigauke, claiming $400 000 damages for criminal defamation. And interest at the prescribed rate from the date of judgement to the date of full and final payment, as well as 10% collection commission in terms of the Law Society of Zimbabwe.

Sigauke claims Matemadanda accused him and War Veterans Pressure Group (WVPG) of being sponsored to destabilise President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Statements made were “with the intention to defame plaintiffs and to injure their respective reputations”. [12]

Farm Mechanisation Scheme

In July 2020, Victor Matemadanda was listed, in the BSR of 18 July 2020, as a beneficiary in the 2007 RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme, as a result of the Fast Track Land Reform Programme.

The data is analysed by recipients origin:.

  • Mashonaland provinces had the most beneficiaries, both in terms of numbers and value.

Mashonaland East got US$47,5 million,
Mashonaland West US$44,7 million
Mashonaland Central had US$34,2 million.

  • Two Matebeleland provinces had a combined total of US$13,9 million.
  • Masvingo US$26,4 million,
  • Manicaland US$18 million
  • Midlands US$14 million.

Victor Matemadanda is listed under the thematic group “Politicians”. According to the list, he got a loan of US$25,534.00, which has not been paid back [13]


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