Cymplex is a Zimbabwean music producer. Cymplex co-founded Cymplex Music Productions with Blessing “Krispi” Madziwana.


Cymplex was born in Gweru. He lived in the city's high-density suburb of Mutapa. He got the name Cymplex in High School when he was Form 2 around 2010.[1]

Real Name

Simbarashe Moyo.[2]


He started music in 2014 as a producer recording vocals.[1]

Cymplex honed his music production skills at Solid Records Studio.

Cymplex and Krispi established Cymplex Music Productions in August 2018. Cymplex is the sole producer of the stable. As a freelance record and music producer Cymplex’s work ranges in style from Afro Pop, House Music, Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel and Dancehall. Though he made a name producing Zimdancehall, Cymplex also produced music for Amos Mahendere, Kudzi Nyakudya, Sabastian Magacha, Mechanic Manyeruke, Nicholas Zacharia, Roki, Agatha Murudzwa, Andy Muridzo, Decibel, Tawanda Gold, Stunner, Nox Guni, and Ngoni Kambarami. He has worked with the likes of Ward 21 and L Razor both from Jamaica.

Cymplex produced Jah Signal's hit song Sweetie (Shinga Muroora).[2]


Cymplex was named the Best Zimdancehall Producer of the Year 2018 by Star FM.[2]


Cymplex "The Producer" @ Cymplex Music Harare Zimbabwe [March 2020]


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