Dr Tawanda

Doctor Tawanda Benson real name Tawanda Kasaira is a Zimbabwean music producer, singer and songwriter. Dr Tawanda is well-known for remixing Alick Macheso’s songs into one song as well as working with Botswana musicians Slizer, Charma Gal and Vee Mampeezy.

Doctor Tawanda has spent the better part of his adulthood in Botswana and South Africa producing music.


Real Name

Tawanda Kasaira[1]


Boipelo Mogwera Kasaira

Dr Tawanda's wife is Boipelo Mogwera Kasaira. Her stage name is Chomza. She was born and bred in South Africa in Mafikeng, in the North West province. The two got married on the 27th of April 2019 and according to Doctor Tawanda he paid R80 000 lobola in full and they had a wedding which cost close to R52 500.[2]


Doctor Tawanda and his wife Chomza have a son named Tawanda Junior.[2]


Dr Tawanda produced Zoey Sifelani's debut album Totsemukira. The eight-track compilation featured Sulumani Chimbetu on the track My Valentine and popular chanter Shiga Shiga also contributed towards the project. Doctor Tawanda revealed that he produced the album in his bedroom.[1]

Apart from a remix of Macheso's songs, Doctor Tawanda also released the singles Unconquerable, Ambuye and Hosana.[3]



  • Unconquerable
  • Ambuye
  • Hosana


Dr Tawanda - Mwari muri muponesi
Mweya wangu inzwa Tenzi_Dr Tawanda _+26772860140
Pagomo-(Princes Takana & Dr Tawanda)
Dombo rakatsemurwa (Anglican Hymn) by Dr Tawanda Benson


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