Joe Pike
Joe Pike, Actor, Studio 263, Lobola
Joe Pike
  • Actor
  • Film Director
  • Dancer
Notable workActed in Studio 263

Joe Pike is a Zimbabwean actor who played the role of Jacob Huni in the popular television drama series Studio 263.

Film career

Pike played the role of Jacob Huni in the suspense-filled soap opera which won the hearts of many Zimbabweans. In 2011, Pike directed a local movie titled Shadows.[1] Some of the actors who featured in the movie include former Studio 263 stars Denzel Burutsa and Tapiwa Mavindidze. Pike left Studio 263 after a fallout with producers due to poor remuneration, his passion for acting saw him featuring in other local productions like the movies Fading Pictures and Lobola.[1]

Besides acting, Pike is also a graphic designer, poet, food designer and dancer. He was in fact working on establishing a dance school, a plan which has not yet materialised since 2011.[1]


  • Studio 263
  • Lobola
  • Shadows
  • Fading Pictures.[1]
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