Anne Nhira
Anne Nhira
Anne Nhira
DiedMarch 11, 2021(2021-03-11)
South Africa
Cause of deathInjuries from robbery
  • Actress
OrganizationAnne Studios International
Known forActing in Studio 263

Anne Nhira was a popular Zimbabwean actress, model, film producer and talent manager who rose to prominence in the early 2000s when she featured in the soap opera Studio 263.

Nhira died in March 2021 from injuries she got during a robbery in Bedford View, South Africa. More on Anne Nhira's Death

Nhira also tried her hand in singing in 2013 when she released a single, "The One". Nhira was based in Johannesburg where she has been since 2008. In August 2017, Nhira came back into the spotlight after she wrote a letter to the Ministry of Tourism, criticising the decision to hire Zodwa Wabantu to perform at the Harare International Carnival. As a result of the letter, Zodwa was subsequently barred from taking part in the carnival by then acting Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Patrick Zhuwao


She was born in a musical family in which her brothers are musicians. The brothers are popularly known as "Ju-Wayne", "Prince", "Mambo Fletcher", "A-Swag", "Shawna" and "Lamont".


At the time of her death, Anne Nhira was reportedly planning for her wedding. The details were revealed by her sister during her memorial service. She said:

"She was my best friend, I knew everything about her, I knew her deep secrets and she knew mine as well. If I had a problem, I would call her anytime, even midnight, and she would respond. She told me in January that she wanted a wedding, and I was happy. I was pained, is this the wedding, ndiwo here muchato wacho munin’ina. Last week we were talking about gowns and I asked her if she had bought the gown which she had promised. But she said she was still raising the money."


Film career

Nhira made a mark in the acting industry in 2002 when she played the role of "Vimbai Jari". She was the lead actress, and the lover of James. The theme of the sopie was drawn from the two's love affair which was full of ups and downs. Though, "Vimbai" was wooed by another man "Tom Mbambo", James would not stop loving her.[2] Nhari played the role of an ideal woman who goes through rigorous education and achieve her professional goes and resolved to abstain from sex until she gets married. She then took a five year sabbatical doing something different from acting. she made a grand come comeback in 2013 when she featured in the South African film "The Rapist" as one of the lead actesses.[3] In the same year she featured in a joint south Africa and Zimbabwe sopie "Ndafunga Dande". The soap opera portrayed the life of Zimbabweans in the diaspora and the challenges and opportunities faced. She was also the coordinator of the project.[4] She was also part of a panel of judges at the 2013 Miss Zimbabwe/South Africa.[5]

In 2014 she also had a role in one of South Africa’s biggest soap operas Zabalaza that shows on MNet and SABC. She also featured in a South African TV drama called Mutual Friends.[6]

She also recently featured in a TV drama called Mutual Friends.

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Music career

Nhira showed her versatility by venturing into music when she released a single "The One" in 2013. She proved to be equally good and she was one of the guest artists at the 2013 edition of the Acoustic Night-a talent search programme. She proved the critics wrong with a stellar performance that left revelers thrilled.[7]

Business Interests

Anne Nhira launched a company known as Anne Studios International which specialises in talent scouting and training.[8] The company also engages in film production, artist management as well as modelling. The company is said to have roped in some top producers such as MacDonald Chidavaenzi better known as MacDee and Benjamin Rupapa for music production and music management respectively. Apart from her business interests, Anne works as a Regional Coordinator for a South African Information Technology solutions company.

Getting Zodwa Wabantu banned

In August 2017, Nhira criticised the decision by Zimbabwean authorities to hire South African socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu to perform at the Harare International Carnival. Nhira criticised Zodwa for dancing with no panties and for allegedly posting naked pictures on social media. She also felt that the gig should have been given to a Zimbabwean. In a Facebook post, Nhira said

In this case, Zodwa dances with no panties and posts naked pictures on social media. How does that qualify her to be a Zimbabwe national tourist attraction and to attend a function of the highest stature this year?

…we have one of the highest unemployment rates and whatever Zodwa, a South African provocateur who is not even one of the top socialites in South Africa is [sic] getting paid could have gone to another young Zimbabwean woman who has worked tirelessly and does so decently, or a dancer if the intention was that particular? We have dancers and socialites in Zimbabwe who would benefit from this national tourist exposure


She also wrote a letter to the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Management voicing her concerns. As a result of her letter, the Ministry responded by banning Zodwa Wabantu from performing at the Harare International Carnival, with acting Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Patrick Zhuwao signing the letter. Part of the letter from Zhuwao to Nhira read

I acknowledge your complaint on the above subject matter. Government position is that the artist concerned (Zodwa Wabantu) may not participate at the Harare International Carnival. In this regard relevant authorities have been notified


After the ban was confirmed, Nhira posted on Facebook that she was ecstatic that the government had responded quickly to her letter of objection.



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