Eureka Eureka Winky D Album

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Eureka Eureka Winky D Album Cover

Eureka Eureka is a music album by Zimdancehall artist, Winky D. The album was launched on 31 December 2022 at the HICC. It contained some controversial song Ibotso which reports suggested was politically charged. The album notably featured other artists on every song. Such artists as Tocky Vibes, Holy Ten, Enzo Ishall, Anita Jaxson and others.

Eureka Eureka Album Song List

  1. Tears Ft. Anita Jaxson
  2. Vafarisi Ft. Bazooker & Poptain
  3. MuSpirit Ft. Dr Chaii
  4. Shaker Ft. Enzo Ishall
  5. Gonyera Ft. Exq
  6. High Grades Ft. Herman
  7. Ibotso Ft. Holy Ten
  8. Urere Ft. Killer T
  9. Nherera Ft. Mwenje Mathole
  10. Peter Friend Ft. Nutty O
  11. XYZ Ft. Qounfuzed
  12. Dreams Ft. SaintFloew
  13. Dzimba Dzemabwe Ft. Shingai
  14. Chauruka Ft. Tocky Vibes


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