Tocky Vibes
Tocky Vibes, Obey Makamure
Background information
Birth nameObey Makamure
Born (1993-11-29) November 29, 1993 (age 28)
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter
Years active2009 - Present
Associated actsZisoe PaMyk

Tocky Vibes is a highly rated artist in the Zimbabwean music arena. He belongs to the fast growing Zim Dancehall music genre which has won considerable following especially from younger Zimbabweans. Tocky Vibes rose to fame with his hit song Amai which was liked by many for its unique lyrical content and this earned him a new name, Dancehall Priest.


Tocky Vibes was born Obey Makamure on 29 November 1993 in Rugare Suburb, Harare. He began singing at a very young age where it all seemed like a joke until he released a single called "Tirikumhanya". He was moved to rural Masvingo where he had to make a living, as things were difficult for him. He returned to Harare in December 2012 and picked up where he left off, only to find that things were not so easy. Tocky Vibes then moved to Rusape where he found a job as a herd boy, and would later find that the amount of signing gigs increased for him in Harare and he'd travel frequently.[1]

Music career

Raised in the Rugare suburb of Harare, Tocky’s love for music began when he was still in his teens. It is this love which later on manifested and pushed him in to the recording studio. Since then, his unique voice and touching lyrics made his fame to rise. Tocky started recording music in 2009 and has produced a number of songs in form of singles and albums. Tocky’s lyrics are distinct from those of his fellows due to a commendable and credible level of maturity that he exhibits in his music. He stands as a beacon of light considering the level of maturity in his lyrics.[2]

In most of his songs, he appreciates the role of parenting figures, the importance of fidelity as well as the rewards of working hard. In his song titled “Shanda” Tocky deploys a unique artistic style in which he exhorts himself and other musicians to work hard in the industry despite various setbacks that they encounter. In one of his songs, he also talks about the HIV and AIDS pandemic. It goes without saying that one of the most adored songs, and perhaps his outstanding song in 2014 was “Amai”. The song “Mhai/Amai” (mother) was a dedication to his mother, or loosely to all the mothers, thanking them for their roles in the upbringing of children.

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January 2015, Tocky signed an endorsement deal with local cigarette manufacturer Savannah Tobacco. The signing of the deal was also testimony that Tocky Vibes had grown to become a household name such that companies wanted their brands to be associated with the artist. The deal was said to be the most lucrative in the land after it emerged that the deal was worth usd 200 000.[3] Tongai Zvaravanhu, the chief operating officer of Savannah Tobacco, noted that although public opinion was initially skeptical whether Zimbabwe Dancehall would last, Tocky Vibes had been a revelation. He also heaped praise on the dancehall sensation pointing out that

Tocky was a great poet of great maturity and strength, his vision and social commentary make him a voice of Zimbabwe's youth. We are proud to have him as our brand Ambassador. All I can say is ah ah ah ah ah hi hi hi... aenda nenyika[3]

The deal also included another prominent Zimbabwean musician Sulumani Chimbetu who was set to be the brand Ambassador for one of the products produced by Savannah Tobacco. Tocky Vibes was set to promote the Pacific Storm brand while Sulu would promote Pacific Breeze. As part of the deal, the artists would receive direct support, publicity and marketing, album launches and other materials.


Tirabhuru aka Kwata Zonke

In july 2016, Tocky Vibes released a 15 track album called Tirabhuru aka Kwata Zonke. At release he said the album featured diverse beats and rhythms hence the name Kwata Zonke. Some of the songs on the album were produced by renowned musician Clive Mukundu.

Some of the songs on the album are the followingː

  1. Attack Kushuga
  2. Chigumbu
  3. Handichadzokere
  4. Mari
  5. Ndapererwa
  6. Satana Ndisiye
  7. Wadhakwa nedoro
  8. Zvandoda
  9. Chinango

Toti Toti

In 2015, Tocky Vibes released the album Toti toti which was recorded using a live band, a feat yet to be rivaled by many in the Zimdancehall genre.[4] Reception of the album was lukewarm.

There were 8 songs on his album, and these were:

  1. Toti toti
  2. Kuhope
  3. Hande Toki
  4. Ita Undide
  5. Usarara Muka
  6. Nyama yekugocha
  7. Mweya Wekubara
  8. Papa


Below is a list of some of Tocky Vibe’s singles;

  1. Mhai
  2. Victoria Falls
  3. Pandinorifuka jira
  4. Shanda
  5. Handityi
  6. Kudzamisa Pfungwa
  7. Handina zvinoera
  8. Dziripo Hama
  9. Ndini Ndinorira
  10. Batai Homwe
  11. Simudza Maoko
  12. Tirikumhanya [5]

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Full Interview with Star FM's Napoleon "Napstar" Nyanhi
tocky Vibes 2015 Toti toti
Tocky Vibes 2015 Nyama yekugocha
Tocky Vibes 2015 Kuhope


Tocky Vibes’ performances have been both local and international. The most notable include the Harare Agricultural Show in August 2014 where he performed alongside some of the established ZimDancehall artists such as Winky D, Killer T and Soul Jah Love. He also performed at the Lion Lager Beer Festival in October 2014 where he rubbed shoulders with some reggae icons from Jamaica.[6]

Tocky’s live performances have been outstanding however, some critiques have ridiculed the young artist’s artistic dressing especially during live shows. During the Lion Lager Beer Festival performance, Tocky went to stage dressed in traditional tweed which included a black garment which is associated with spirit mediums. Critiques commented that Tocky Vibes was desperately looking for attention through his Mbuya Nehanda dressing style. Tocky Vibes is one of the most talented musicians in Zimbabwe and his dressing is part of his unique creativity which has a credible bias towards the Indigenous African culture.

He has also held very successful international shows in countries such as the United Kingdom where it was reported that people were turned away after the show had been sold away.[7] Tocky's shows in Leicester and Luton were both said to have been sold out such that some revelers who had come to attend the show were turned away.


Tocky was involved in a number of controversies and scandals especially during his festive season shows in December 2014. During his performance at the high profile Mafikizolo show at the Harare International Conference Centre, he allegedly blocked a fellow musician Jah Prayzah from entering the stage to show solidarity with him after bottles were thrown at him by the disgruntled fans.[8] Tocky was furious with Jah Prayzah's entrance and he was quoted arguing that the latter had come to steal the limelight at the show. Jah Prayzah was manhandled by Tocky Vibes security personnel from the stage and this showed somewhat a tense relationship between the two popular artists in Zimbabwean music arena.


It appeared the past caught with Tocky when the media started churning reports linking the artist to a love affair with an under aged girl. Local media houses reported that Tocky fathered a child years back with a girl who was aged 13 then. The girl, identified as Linda James was said to have been living in Marondera with her mother and did not know where Tocky was living after his new found fame. She argued that Tocky was no longer taking care of his child.[9]


2014- Zimbabwe Music Awards People's Choice Award.[10]

Zim Dancehall Awards 2014

  • Best Male Artist
  • Best Social Message
  • Song of the Year


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