First Farai
First Farai Biography
BornAliya Mwanambo
ResidenceNyatsime, Chitungwiza
Known forBeing a musician
Spouse(s)Liliosa Kaputa
ChildrenKirk, Kayla and Kiara

First Farai is a Zimbabwean Sungura musician. He is the leader of the band Hurudza Express.


He was born in Chinhoyi.[1] His mother died when he was in Grade Three.[2]

Real Name

First Farai's real name is Aliya Mwanambo.[3]


First Farai was born in September 1978.[4]


First Farai is married to Liliosa Kaputa.[5]


First Farai and his wife have three children; Kirk, Kayla and Kiara.[5]


Besides music, First Farai is also a spare parts dealer and farmer.[5]

Health Issues

In August 2021, First Farai suffered from severe abdominal pains. He received free treatment at Westview Clinic Kuwadzana courtesy of Dr Johannes Marisa.[6]

Music Career

First Farai hogged the limelight when he represented Zimbabwe at Inter-regional Music Crossroads finals held in Tanzania in 2002.

Determined to make it, he started working on a number of projects and his breakthrough came when he released his album Simba Racho which did well with the song Secret Number. The Sungura musician played at different forums including national galas where he struggled to make an impact.

In 2014, he told The Herald he had suspended live shows saying continuing with performances was tantamount to donating his energy to the people since he was not making anything from the gigs. At one time, First Farai said he failed to pay US$50 for transport he had hired to carry music equipment to a show.[1]

Tongai Moyo Imitation Accusations

He was labelled a Tongai Moyo imitator. First Farai was given a red jacket by Moyo.[7]


By 2020, First Farai had released 17 albums. His 17 album was Dzinodhonza Ngoro.[8]


  1. Pahasha
  2. Zvandakuitirai Izvi (2002)
  3. Zvipo NeTariro (2003)
  4. Maximum Voltage (2005)
  5. Tiritose Mundima Machinda (2006)
  6. Simba Racho (2006)
  7. Mbanga Mbanga (2007/8)
  8. Ngingongingo (2009)
  9. Dinga Tinga Experience (2010)
  10. Hubwada Experience (2011)
  11. Pahasha Love Market (2013)
  12. Fantastic Farai-Ubwada (2013)
  13. Mukonon'ono (2015)
  14. Earthquake-Chandengenda (2017)
  15. Paidamoyo
  16. Dzinodhonza Ngoro (2019)
  17. Hurudza Haivhunduke Zhizha (2021)


Stealing Condolence Contributions

In 2011, Hosiah Chipanga accused First Farai of stealing condolence contributions at Cephas Mashakada's funeral. He was accused of converting some money contributed at Mashakada's funeral for his own use.

The incident attracted wide media attention and First Farai "threatened" to name his new album Mari Yechema (condolence money) to clear his name. He never got to release the song Mari Yechema which he said he had composed.[7]

Losing Sound Equipment

In October 2014, Hard Sounds repossessed its equipment from First Farai after he failed to pay instalments for the PA system.[9]

Arrest For Assault

In 2015, First Farai spent the weekend in police cells after allegedly assaulting a music fan at his show in Hwedza. Explaining the incident, he said he only shoved a fan who wanted to gain free entry into the venue. He said:

"I was on stage when I heard that the guys at the gate were having a scuffle with a young man who wanted to get into the venue for free. I did not beat him as he reported, but I only pushed him away and he reported the matter to the police, leading to my arrest."

Following his arrest, First Farai failed to hold a scheduled show in Norton. In 2014, First Farai got into trouble after a promoter in Chinhoyi accused him of stealing beer.[10]

Faking Mother's Death

In 2017, First Farai announced that his mother had passed on before well-wishers collected $300 condolence money with an aim of assisting him. He had a video of what he said was taken at his mother’s funeral.

However, someone raised a red flag before condolence money could be delivered to First Farai as it emerged that the musician could be lying. Investigations carried by The Herald showed that it was indeed a hoax because his mother died when he was in Grade Three. After being contacted for comment, First Farai is reported to have visited The Herald newsroom shedding tears and insisting that his mother had died a few weeks ago. He even threatened to commit suicide.[2]


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