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Green Africa Safari is a hunting company that was leased a hunting licence. The idea with Green Safari Africa is to run a sustainable hunting operation that manages and improves the wildlife population of this fantastic area. Much like nature itself, they decimate the abundance of animals for the benefit of each species, and hunt for older animals, past their prime and with contributions to coming generations made. Occasionally also direct efforts to protect crops for local villages. [1]

The area is near Nyangambe, near Save Valley Conservancy.

See Wildlife, Zimbabwe.


The approach to this adventure is somewhat an philanthropist one. They want to collaborate with the local society; offer meat of course for basic needs, but also build schools and establish water wells. They believe it is extra important to also involve women, since experience has shown them that meat and produce stay in the families when taken care of by women, rather than sold on. Another aspect is that they provide an occupation and a fixed income for a, hopefully, increasing part of the villagers.


  • Tomas Kjellsson - CEO/Owner (Cell: +46 766 188 440)
  • Phillip Mafuta - Operations Manager (Cell: +263714933805)
  • Chrispen Mutendi - Finance Manager
  • Bongai -Tracker Antipoaching

Social Responsibility

Green Safari Africa will reinvest everything they do in Africa, not one dollar leaves the country. They work together with the local people and help in place. Everything they do they give 100% back. Green Safari Africa distributed Christmas presents and meat to 181 families in Nyangambe, Christmas 2019. We also handed a blood pressure monitor to the community.

Poaching Implication

One of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons, Kudakwashe Mnangagwa, has been implicated in the poaching of wildlife in Nyangambe, in the Save Valley Conservancy, Chiredzi, located in the south-eastern part of the country. Legal representative of the Nyangambe Community Wildlife Project, Farai Chauke made the allegations in his defence to the fraud charges he is facing for allegedly forging title deeds to the project, which is run by Nyangambe villagers.

Chauke, who is a practising lawyer in the capital Harare, also hails from the Nyangambe area. He told the court that he is being tormented because he has been resisting poaching activities involving the Zimbabwe president’s son. Kudakwashe is allegedly in the habit of coming along with Philip Mafuta, one of the directors of Green Africa Safaris to hunt and poach wildlife outside hunting quotas. Green Africa Safaris is understood to have used its political connections to have signed a one-year hunting lease agreement with Nyangambe Community Wildlife Project.

According to a report in the Mirror, Mafuta confirmed that he regularly goes for hunting with the president’s son in the Save Valley Conservancy, amid allegations of rampant poaching in the conservancy. Justifying his connections to the Mnangagwas, Mafuta said he is an in-law to one of Zion Christian Church Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi’s brothers. The ZCC leader is a prominent backer of the Zimbabwe strongman and prior to the 2018 elections, Mutendi endorsed Mnangagwa ahead of opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa. [2]


Green Safari Africa


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