Tatenda Mavetera
Tatenda Mavetera
Tatenda Mavetera
  • Actor
  • Businesswoman
  • Farmer
Notable workActed in Studio 263

Tatenda Mavetera is a popular Zimbabwean actress, talk show hostess and businesswoman. She rose to national stardom when she featured in Zimbabwe's first soap Studio 263 in the New Millenium.


She is married to Eddie and the couple is blessed with a son called Daniel.

Acting career

Mavetera made a mark in the acting industry when she played the role of 'Tendai Jari' in studio 263. Her acting prowess was to be hounoured in 2003 when she won a National Arts Merit Awards in the Best Actress category.[1] After some time she quit acting and started hosting a talk show in 2005. The show was entitled 'Timeout with Tatenda', and it tackled topical issues which affect the day today lives of people. It also gave people a chance to talk about their problems and confront each other as they try to find a solution.[2] The show only ran for one season before disappearing. In 2013, she bounced back into acting featuring in the film 'The Zimbabwe I Know'. The film was produced by renowned Nigerian star Ejike Asiegbu.[3]

Kidnaping Claims

In 2008 she was dragged before the courts for allegedly helping her sister Charlotte Chivavarirwa to kidnap a Harare woman accusing her of having an affair with the latter's husband. The incident occurred when the sisters discovered an SMS from the victim's phone which was sent to Chivavarirwa's husband.[4]

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