Joseph Madziyire
Joseph Madziyire
Joseph Madziyire
BornJoseph Madziyire
(1988-07-22) July 22, 1988 (age 33)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Music Promoter
  • Music Producer
Known forCo-founding & Leading Zimpraise
Spouse(s)Mellisa Makwasha

Joseph Madziyire is the co-founder and CEO of popular Zimbabwean gospel choir Zimpraise. He is also a creative arts producer & director with a music & film major. Madziyire has also managed popular gospel musician Sebastian Magacha. He has produced for musicians Stunner, Roqui, Cindy Munyavi, Exq, Ngoni Kambarami and others.


Madziyire claims that he started playing the piano at the age of six when his father was appointed a Northend pastor in Bulawayo.[1]


Mellisa Makwasha

Joseph Madziyire paid lobola for Mellisa Makwasha on 9 October 2021. Relatives who attended the ceremony allege that Madziyire was charged US$16 000 for lobola and he paid it all to the last cent.[2]

Alleged Affair With Zodwa Mkandla

In February 2022, Tatelicious claimed that Joseph Madziyire was having an affair with Ginimbi’s ex-wife Zodwa Mkandla. Tatelicious went on to say Madzivire and Mkandla had kissed on an Instagram Live video. Neither Joseph Madziyire nor Zodwa Mkandla responded to the allegations.


Madziyire co-founded Zimpraise with Macdonald Chidavaenzi and Garikai Ndanga around 2006. Macdonald produced ‘‘ZimPraise Volume 1 and 2’’. Madziyire then went to school in Australia before returning in 2010 to become the creative director. He also did the formal registration for the group despite the fact that Macdee had been the man behind the group since 2006 up-to 2007. Madziyire registered the group as a Trust and the group had a board of trustees that comprised of Macdee, Ndanga and an unnamed person. The group's board of trustees then endorsed Madziyire as the chief executive officer.[1]

In 2013, all the board members suggested in good faith that Madziyire take over and own the ZimPraise brand. He claims that there was no fight of any sort. In an interview with a local paper Madziyire said,

"We went to the lawyers and we evaluated everything and I paid the required amount and ZimPraise was officially signed over to me. What I bought was the brand, not the ministry. I then created other entities like the ZimPraise Kids and the production house, among other projects, to try and raise funds.[1]

Macdee reportedly left the group in 2012, reportedly because he was not happy with the direction Zimpraise was taking.[3] Later in 2013, Madziyire was said to have bought 100% of the Zimpraise organisation.[4]

Accusation of mismanaging Zimpraise

In May 2016, it was reported that Madziyire had been mismanaging Zimpraise. Ex-members revealed on Social media and to journalists that Madziyire was dating female members of the group and would also pocket earnings while not ensuring that choir members also got comfortable treatment. It was reported that this caused members to abandon the choir when opportunity presented itself while on tour in countries such as the US.[3]

Concerning the issue of abusing female members of the choral outfit, Madziyire said

"I am not victimising and abusing women, those who are saying l am doing that are lying. I can stand before God and say it’s false because God knows me.[1]


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