Tatelicious Karigambe
Tatelicious Bio.jpg
BornTatenda Zenzo Karigambe
(1991-09-18) September 18, 1991 (age 30)
Other namesTatenda Karigambe-Sandberg
Spouse(s)Richard Sandberg (m. 2017-2018)

Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe popularly known as Tatelicious or Queen Tatelicious is a Zimbabwean transgender woman based in Sweden. She is known for doing Facebook Live sessions where she discusses controversial topics and gossip.


Tatelicious grew up in Harare's Budiriro.[1] She is a twin in a family of four.[2] Karigambe was raped by her uncle when she was 12 years old and that is when she got HIV. She said she had to flee to Sweden after being arrested and having her house burnt. Tatelicious also said her mother was beaten up.[3]


In May 2020, Tatelicious revealed that she had a son whom she sired before the surgery that transformed her into a woman. The name of Tatelicious' son is Tanyaradzwa Tatenda Karigambe.[4] In December 2020, Tilda Moyo did a DNA test with Tatelicous's twin sister and the tests showed that Tanyaradzwa was related to Tatelicious sister making him Tatelicious' son. [5]

Marriage & Divorce

Tatelicious and husband Richard Sandberg in good times

Tatelicious was married to a Swedish man Richard Sandberg in Sweden on the 9th of December 2017.[6] In August 2018, she announced that she and her husband had reached an amicable decision to divorce. Tatelicious wrote:

"It’s always good when people divorce in a friendly respectful way.

Richard and I have decided to go our separate ways because we have realised that its time to move on to our next chapters of life.

We inspired a lot of people to believe in love and we still encourage everyone to still believe in love.

Our time is up and we believe in keeping it real and it is time where we both have to move on and find new people to fall in love with.

We are not people who wanna fake a lot of years of marriage when we know that there is no longer that spark which attracted us in the first place.

We are still best friends and we just wanted you our people to know that it is ok to move on and find someone new.

We had our best moments here on Facebook and we kindly ask family and friends to accept and respect what we have decided to do with our lives."


Wedding Pictures

Wedding Video

Tatelicious: My Wedding Video


Tatelicious told The Sunday Mail that she went to Eastridge Primary School in Harare and was expelled from secondary school when she was in Form Two at Nyahuni. She said she fell in love with the Headboy and they were caught in a compromising position. Tatelicious was expelled and the Headboy had to write exams coming from the surrounding community.

She then went enrolled at Glen View 2 High School where she became the Headboy until she left for Watershed College.[2]

Tatelicious was expelled from the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) after having been caught on camera stealing. She was doing Chemical Engineering and allegedly left school during the first semester because she were failing badly and came back in 2013 as a new student and before the end of the semester Tatelicious had left again.[1]

After being expelled from HIT, Tatelicious says she got a scholarship to study Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.[2]



In 2013, Tatelicious said she had spent more than US$80 000 to transform himself into a woman. She also revealed that she was legally a woman after registering as a female with Zimbabwe's Registrar-General's Office in 2013. She said the money was spent on breast augmentation and vaginoplasty (male to female sex reassignment surgery).[2] However, some disputed the claims that she had had surgery with an unnamed source telling The Sunday Mail that Tatelicious was using "thick black condoms, which he fills with water and shapes into breasts using a bra, sometimes he stuffs things inside stockings and again shapes them into breasts."[1]

Rape Allegations

Tatelicious with Gambian lover Sulayman Ceesay

In October 2020, a Gambian publication alleged that Tatelicious drugged and raped a Gambian national in Sweden. According to the publication, the alleged victim was one Sulayman Ceesay.

In a video, Tatelicious denied the report saying that relations with Sulayman were fully consensual. She added that Sulayman proposed marriage so that he could get some papers allowing him to stay in Sweden.

"Sulayman you should tell people the truth what is happening in Sweden. Sulayman came to me wanting to marry me for papers. Sulayman has been rejected in Sweden more than six times and is on the verge of being deported back to Gambia."


Eviction From Saltvik Mansion

In March 2022, she was evicted from a mansion in Saltvik which she lost in legal proceedings. Tatelicious' husband Richard Sandberg had given her the mansion but had stopped paying the mortgage to the bank because they are no longer together.

She said that she had repeatedly asked Richard, to let her take over the loan so she could pay it off herself and continue to live in the house, but he had refused, simply because he wanted to see her suffer.[9] Tatelicious' claims that her former husband wanted to see her suffer contradicted her claims that their split was amicable and that they were still best friends.[7]

She said she slept at the train station. Olinda Chapel and Tinashe Mutarisi donated money to Tatelicious. [10] However, some socialites did not feel sympathy for her with Zuva Habane saying Tatelicious' eviction was karma. Habane said:

"Many people have lost jobs, marriages broken, families disturbed and some became ill with emotions to the level of thinking to commit suicide due to Tatelicious’ insults that she streamed on ‘his’ social media platforms. If you have to gather 12000 people, breaking someone’s marriage, that is modern day witchcraft. What is happening to Tatelicious is nothing more than a taste of ‘his’ medicine, I watched ‘him’ tell lies about my life in front of 5000 people, to be honest I am just watching and saying God is trying to show ‘him’ something, let us not intervene."

Admire Mushambi from Mhosva TV said:

"You laughed at my poverty impressing your followers, but if I was not strong, I would not be where I am right now. What has happened to you is heart-breaking, I am really sorry but it is God’s discipline."


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