Lorraine Guyo is a Zimbabwean internet celebrity who got famous after posting a video on social media asking that men propose love to her ahead of Valentine's Day in 2019. She came to be known as the Ndinyengeiwo girl as the video went viral.

Lorraine Guyo
Lorraine Guyo.jpg
BornLorraine Y Guyo
Known forViral Video


Commercial Interest

Following her viral video, various brands approached and used her for their commercials. Such brands include clothing retail store JanJam, fast-food chain Mambo's, and financial institution Steward Bank.

Her Viral Video

Lorraine Guyo's Viral Ndinyengeiwo Video

Interview with Acie Lumumba

Following her viral video, Guyo was interviewed by Acie Lumumba on his internet show #TLFDrive:

Lumumba meets Lorraine "#Ndinyengeyiwo" Guyo


Lorraine Guyo and Acie Lumumba
Lorraine Guyo at JanJam
Lorraine Guyo at a Steward bank
Lorraine Guyo at eating Chicken
Lorraine Guyo Doing Makeup
Lorraine Guyo
Lorraine Guyo at Mambos
Lorraine Guyo with phone
Lorraine Guyo at a wedding


Guyo was reportedly fired from her job at Miekles Hotel in Harare, following the success of her viral video. However an online campaign to have her reinstated succeeded as she got her job back.

Guyo quit her job in mid-February 2019.

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