Musical Journey of Roki

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Roki with Dreadlocks

Rockford Josphat, better known by his stage names Roki or Rocqui, is a Zimbabwean contemporary musician, who has also tapped into Acting. Born in Madagascar and raised in Parktown, Waterfalls, Harare, he made his debut in 2001 after releasing hits such as Seiko which featured Leonard Mapfumo and Suzanna.

Breaking into the music circles

Roki made his debut in 2001 with the hit Seiko featuring Leonard Mapfumo. Named Most Promising Artist at the 2003 National Arts Merit Awards of Zimbabwe (NAMA), Roki has since made a name for himself as a gifted songwriter and exceptional performer. In 2007 his hit Chidzoka was named Video and Song of the year at the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA).

Roki's music is influenced by urban grooves, soca, dancehall, Afro-pop and house. Some of his other hits include 'Jordan', 'Zion', 'Ndoda', 'Mumwe', 'Suzanna' and 'Nhliziyo'. His lyrics focus on the themes of love, death, life and the clash between Western and African cultures.

Collaborations with other Artists

Roki is undoubtedly the most talented musician of the young generation. Not only can he actually sing, he is the man behind most of the Urban Grooves hits, from writing them, the catchy hooks, they all have the Roki signature on them. So we are just going to go ahead and agree with the man when he says he’s the greatest collaborator in Zimbabwe.[1]

In 2016, former Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs deputy minister Fortune Chasi teamed up with Urban Grooves musician Rockford Josphats, popularly known as Roki, for a music project that was released during Easter holidays of that year.[2]

After featuring on Jah Prayzah’s video Eriza, vivacious Lyn Magodo aka Lady Storm discovered the power of collaborations as she worked on a duet with Rockford "Roki" Josphats. Magodo, who fronts rhumba outfit Swagga Band, collaborated with Roki on a love song released in April 2016.[3]

In 2020, he collaborated with UK based musician, Sheila Mkhumba popularly known as Malaikah in the musical circles in a romantic Afro-pop single track ahead of Valentines Day. Malaikah said that the must listen to track, ‘I wanna be with you all the time,’ would leave those who believe in love with lasting impressions.

“So this song is titled I wanna be with you all the time and speaks about being madly in love to the extent that you do not want to spend a day from your loved one,” she said.

“It is a song about love , relationships and is a dedication to my love and lovers worldwide,” said Malaikah.[4]

The list of songs that he collaborated with other artists:

Seiko – Leonard Mapfumo ft Roki

  • Seiko was the song that introduced us to Roki. The Roki with the bold head and nerdy glasses, how quickly time passes!

Ndichakutevera – ExQ ft Roki

  • Ndichakutevera was the birth of the great musical collaborations between Roki and ExQ. A great classic proudly Roki produced song.

Jesa – Trinity

  • The creativity and completely different hit from most of his songs. Always proving why he’s timeless.

Alleluya – Roki and ExQ

  • A great song that will certainly make people dance come December, the video quality on point. Even with age Roki still has the moves.

Sabbatical and Relaunching

Roki took a sabbatical when he lost his mother and was back into music after being spotted in Bulawayo shooting a music video for his song, Let her go in July 2018. Roki’s mother, Florence Josphat nee Masona, died in May 2017 while he was in South Africa where he had gone a year before seeking the proverbial greener pastures. The artiste said he was back from a year long mourning sabbatical.

“I was mourning my mother who had died. For a year I had taken a sabbatical. I pursued my career in SA for a little bit and came back home because things are looking up and SA looks like it is getting worse. So it was one full year without music and communication. But now I’m back full time and ready to take on the industry hence I was in Bulawayo shooting a music video with renowned videographer Blaqs. The song is called Let her go,” said Roki.[5]

The Chamhembe Story

The Chamhembe Story - The Roki Interview


  • Chidzoka
  • Jordan
  • Zion
  • Ndoda
  • Mumwe
  • Suzanna
  • Nhliziyo


Let Her Go
Baba Lao
Zuva Nezuva Ndichakupa Nguva
Number 1
Ichanaya ft. Chitungwiza Harmony Singers
Cindy Munyavift. Roki - Ndinaye
Mc Chita ft. Roki - Dandaro
Leonard Mapfumo ft. Roki - Seiko
Ndokutevera - ExQ ft. Roki
Jesa - Trinity


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