News:Bodyslam Records Replaces Lady Squanda With Skimbo For UK Tour

<vote /> Simba Chakare of Bodyslam Records confirmed that Lady Squanda has been dropped from the list that will tour the United Kingdom this month because of the inhumane treatment she showed on comedian Skimbo.

He said,

Squanda is not part of the tour anymore, we have replaced her with Skimbo and our papers are almost done. If his visa comes out this week, he will join Dj Busta, Killer T, MC Rego, New Generation and Digital One.

Bodyslam Records is Lady Squanda's recording label.

The Madirirano concept which will feature Hwindi President, Soul Jah Love, Killer T and many others, was started by Bodyslam Records in Highfield where it is held every Sunday connecting uptown and downtown revellers at one social place.

Read More: The Herald

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