News:Charamba Speaks On Mujuru's Comments On Mugabe. Says Mujuru Should Be Grateful To Mugabe For Making Her Someone

<vote /> President Robert Mugabe's spokesperson George Charamba said former Vice President Joice Mujuru has a lot to be grateful to President Mugabe who transformed her from a nonentity to a respectable political figure in the country’s history.

Charamba said contrary to what Mujuru said, following the assassination of Zanu-PF Chairman Herbert Chitepo by suspected Rhodesian agents on March 18, 1975, the Zanu leadership held a crisis meeting in Highfield, Salisbury, where Mugabe and Mugabe were ordered to leave the country and lead the war,

That meeting directed that Cde Mugabe, as Secretary General, accompanied by the late Cde Edgar Zivanai Tekere, promptly leave the country to lead the liberation struggle following the said death and the crisis that followed which threatened to derail the struggle. The decision was thus of the Party, Zanu, and was taken inside the then Rhodesia, in the interest of furthering the liberation struggle. Needless to say trained cadres who included Cde Rex Nhongo could not have been at that meeting, or in the country.

He said after independence President Mugabe, then Prime Minister, appointed Dr Mujuru as a minister of Government and that Mujuru by her own admission, felt ill-equipped and undeserving of the appointment, but only obliged on the insistence of President Mugabe,

She has a lot to be grateful for to the man she now vilifies. hese are the hard facts of history which cannot be wished away, or manipulated to manufacture false profiles. Or used to invent unmerited political importance, whether in the past, now or in future. Equally, readers expect newspapers to know and respect facts of our history, and never to be accessories in its falsification

Mujuru's spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro had earlier told NewsDay that,

Mujuru must be turning in his grave now because the same people he helped come to power have turned against him. Mugabe would still be a teacher at some obscure college or school in Ghana had it not been for Mujuru,

He was referring to the Mgagao Declaration which helped Mugabe rise to power.

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