Mukadota is one of the most talented artists to have featured on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV. His outstanding career was not only underlined by a flourishing acting career, but an equally rewarding music career.

He was a naturally gifted actor, whose comic career is well celebrated in the country. Playing the role of "Mukadota", Safirio Madzikatire proved to be a polished actor who pulled all sorts of tricks to get the better of those around him including his wife Amai Rwizi, his friend Chibhodhro and his wife's best friend, Amai Phineas. Most of the time, Mukadota found himself in trouble after his attempts at fooling those around him.

Madzikatire also had an outstanding music career having recorded timeles hits such as "kuHunyani" and "Katarina mudiwa wangu" and "Dickson" which were an instant hit and up to date, the music still commands airplay on different radio stations. (Full article...)

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