Isaac Makomichi
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Isaac Makomichi
ChurchMiracle Healing and Deliverance (MHD)
Personal details
DenominationChristian, Prophetic
ResidenceMucheke, Masvingo
OccupationSelf Proclaimed Prophet

Prophet Isaac Makomichi is a Zimbabwean self proclaimed prophet based in Masvingo. He is the founder and leader of Miracle Healing and Deliverance (MHD). Makomichi Paul is said to perform numerous Miracles that result in people healed of various diseases. Around 2015 Makomichi became popular in Masvingo. According to reports, Makomichi would "places weekly adverts in the widely-read Mirror announcing many miracles he performs including raising people from the dead".[1]


Makomichi is said to have started his prophecy as a 10-year-old when he was still a member of the Johane Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Church [2] where he had been one of the popular prophets despite his youth. Makomichi established his MHD Ministries church in September 2015.[3]

Predicting Mugabe's 2018 Election Victory

In August 2016, at age 21, Makomichi predicted that Zimbabwe's serving president, Robert Mugabe would win the presidential elections in 2018. Makomichi claimed he had had this revealed to him by God in his sleep.[4]

Said Makomichi:

“I was given this dream and the country had passed the voting period in 2018. It was after 2018 plebiscite and President Mugabe was still in power.

‘‘A voice resonated saying that only God will remove President Mugabe from his position,”[4]

Fake Goblin & Evil Spirit Exorcism

Makomichi claims to exorcise evil spirits and in June 2016 was charging $490 for the service. His exorcism of goblins was however was exposed to be fake however when he was allegedly caught while trying to plant a 'goblin' that he would later claim he had retrieved from a home.[1].


  • In January 2016, Makomichi claimed he was seeing founder of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries Prophet Walter Magaya in his dreams and said that Magaya had inspired him to start his own church. He said that he was dying to meet Magaya, who he referred to as "Man of God", in person[3]
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