Samantha Mtukudzi
Samantha Mtukudzi Biography
Known forBeing Passion Java's wife
FamilySandra Mtukudzi, Selmor Mtukudzi, Faith Kadzura, Sam Mtukudzi, Selby Mtukudzi

Samantha Mtukudzi is the daughter of Oliver and Daisy Mtukudzi.


Samantha Mtukudzi was kicked out by Oliver Mtukudzi for eloping with Tinashe Nengomasha. Although he denied it at the time, Tuku’s publicist Shepherd Mutamba confirmed in a book titled Tuku Backstage that Tuku had indeed kicked her out when she got pregnant.[1]


Samantha was born in 1982.[2]


Samantha has two children from her marriage with Tinashe Nengomasha: [3]

Marriage To Tinashe Nengomasha

Tinashe Nengomasha and Samantha Mtukudzi married on Christmas Eve in 2011.[4]


In 2019, Samantha Mtukudzi filed for divorce from Tinashe Nengomasha. In court papers, Mtukudzi said that they had been living apart for over two years after the relationship broke down.

She asked the High Court to order their houses in South Africa and Zimbabwe to be sold, with the money being shared equally. Mtukudzi however asked the court to allow her to hang on to the furniture.[3]

In January 2020, Nengomasha through his lawyers indicated his intention to challenge Samantha Mtukudzi's application.[5][6]

Music Career

In 2018, Samantha Mtukudzi returned to Zimbabwe and joined her father's band the Black Spirits as a backing vocalist. Alongside her half-sister Sandra, Samantha helped with the arrangement of the female background vocals of the 1999 release of Oliver Mtukudzi's album Tuku Music which was hailed as instrumental in catapulting the Zimbabwean music guru to international superstardom.[1]


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