Silent Killer (aka Killa)
Silent Killer
Silent Killer
BornJimmy Mudereri
  • Zimdancehall Artist
  • Songwriter

Silent Killer is the stage name of a Zimbabwean Zimdancehall artist Jimmy Mudereri. He has been making Zimdancehall music as early as 2011. Silent Killer uses the tagline Ngirozi Yehondo . He is popular for doing freestyles. He, however, became mainstream around 2016. He has performed on riddims by studios like Chill Spot Records. He is popular with his fans .


He was born Jimmy Mudereri in 1991.[1] Silent Killer grew up in Mbare.


Silent Killer attended Harare High School.[2]

Music Career

Silent Killer started his music career in 2006 when he was 15 while doing Form 2 at Harare High School where he would sing alongside gospel chanter Terminator.[2] In 2007, he finally got a chance to record his debut single titled Saga Redhobhu (Bag of Weed) at now established South Africa-based producer GT Beatz’s studio. Silent Killer recounted how his parents tried to encourage him to focus on academics.

Since the first day, I started singing, I have dedicated my life to music because when I was young I had a dream to entertain through music. They wanted me to continue pursuing school and different academic courses but I saw that my future was in music no matter how hard it is and even if it took quite a long time before I got recognition. I am into music full-time. Youngsters should take art seriously by knowing why they are in music. It is hard but it needs a commitment for one to make it because there is no upliftment; one’s efforts can get them far, he said. When you are beginning, there is no need for disses but aim to correct mistakes made by those you idolize and when your time comes, no one can stop you.


  • Dick "Raw" [Afro Riddim] November 2016
  • Type Yema Dance
  • Bad Like I
  • Vabva kuWestern [Mafia Reloaded Riddim]

Silent Killer Music Videos

Type Yema Dance Official Video

Silent Killer - Shiri "Freestyle"

Teminator ft Silent Killer & - Ndikadhiniwa

Silent Killer at Seh Calaz Birthday Celebrations

Silent Killer - Bad Like I

Silent Killer Freestyle

Silent Killer Kinnah Album Launch in 2016


Silent Killer at Kinnah Birthday Bash


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