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Fantan and Levels walking out of the magistrate's court in January 2020
Background information
Birth nameArnold Kamudyariwa
Born (1987-03-17) March 17, 1987 (age 35)
Occupation(s)Music Producer
Years active2011 -present
LabelsChill Spot Records
Associated actsTipsy, Soul Jah Love, Freeman

Fantan is a Zimdancall music producer, DJ, and manager at Chill Spot Records; which is arguably the biggest Zimdancehall production house in Zimbabwe.

In January 2020, Fantan, along with fellow Chillspot producer Levelz was sentenced to an effective 6 months in prison for violating COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Fantan and his colleagues hosted a Zimdancehall New Year's event in Mbare where several artists performed. The event was attended by hundreds of fans. They pleaded guilty to the charge.


Fantan was born Arnold Kamudyariwa on 17 March 1987.[1] He has 4 brothers of which one is late and a sister who is based in South Africa.

DJ Fantan reportedly abandoned his wife Gamuchirai Nemukunyu in 2022 and married his "mistress" Vimbai Muponda.[2]

Arrest For Domestic Violence Report

On 10 May 2022, DJ Fantan was detained at Waterfalls Police Station after he was arrested on allegations of domestic violence.

He was arrested after his wife, Gamuchirai Nemukunyu, lodged a complaint with the police. National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the arrest. DJ Fantan's wife said he assaulted her and damaged their household property. She said that she had been suffering emotionally at the hands of Fantan.

She said DJ Fantan locked her in the house arguing that she should be a ‘housewife’.[3]

On 11 May 2022, DJ Fantan dismissed the report by H-Metro and accused the publication of seeking relevance by publishing “falsehoods”.

Posting on his Facebook page Fantan wrote:

"H-Metro do your research and get your facts straight before throwing labels on people. False accusations are a serious matter in the deen.

Wise up… chete kuti Ana H-Metro menenge muchitsvaga relevance, mavharirwa panze ne ma Bloggers ka Makutokundwa basa Nana Zimcelebs.

Nowadays vanhu vakuto truster Zimcelebs kupfuura H-Metro 😂.

FAMILY, FANS & FRIENDS INI NE MHURI YANGU TIRI SAFE… CHINGOTENGAI CHI PEPA CHAVO VAMBOITA MA SALES kkkk headline iyo ndeye munhu arikuda kutondipedza😂😂 Jah nuh sleep🙏🏼"


On 12 May 2022, DJ Fantan posted on his Instagram page a copy of the ZRP document that revealed the charge he was facing.

According to the document, Fantan was arrested for breaking teapots, wine glasses, dishes and jugs that have a value of US$250. The docket reads:

The accused person is the complainant’s husband he broke the above property after a misunderstanding. The incident occurred on Monday 2 May 20222 between 6.30 PM and 7.20 PM and was recorded at the police station the following day on Tuesday, 3 May 2022 at 9.02 AM.

DJ Fantan’s Instagram post read:

A copy of the docket with real charges has surfaced and nowhere on the docket does it say Fantan beats women.

This information is contrary to what Journalists from the H-metro Tabloid claim to have been told by “police”. H-Metro told the world yesterday that I lock up my wife and beat her.

You told the public that I had been running from the police which is also another lie. Ndakakutadzirei kusvika pakutsvaka nyaya.

I know mune pride but you owe me an apology for cyberbullying and smear campaign against me.

I would never raise my hand on a woman because I was raised by a strong woman zvekuti in my heart it hurts to be called a wife beater. God knows the truth.



Fantan attended Gwinyai Primary School. He also attended George Stark High School in Mbare, Harare. He also attended Harare High School.[1]

Music career

Fantan founded Chill Spot Records with his fellows Levelz (real name Rodger Tafadzwa Kadzimwe) and Dj Rhibhe in the Mbare township of Harare in 2011.[1] Fantan also works as manager for Levelz who is a fellow producer and co-founder of Chill Spot Records.[6] Fantan has worked with some of the best musicians in the Zimdancehall genre. These include Tocky Vibes, Soul Jah Luv, Bounty Lisa, Seh Calaz and Killer T. He has also nurtured young and upcoming musicians who have made an impact in the music industry. These include the likes of Rebel is now a household name in the Zimdancehall genre.


DJ Fantan was arrested on 3 January 2021 after he handed himself over to the police. For more details regarding his arrest click here


DJ Fantan and his wife Gamuchirayi Nemukuyu reportedly separated in July 2022 after the former's arrest for domestic violence.

He claimed that Nemukuyu's altercation in the street with a woman, Vimbai, he was allegedly dating led to the breakup.[7]

Nemukuyu then hired Harare lawyer Milton Serima, to facilitate their amicable separation, care of their two young children, and property division. Nemukuyu said:

I have hired a lawyer to get legal advice on child support and property sharing with DJ Fantan.

DJ Fantan reportedly married Muponda soon after separating from Nemukuyu.

Muponda posted pictures of "their" traditional wedding ceremony on Facebook though DJ Fantan did not appear in the pictures.

Mixtapes Produced By Fantan

  • Zimdancehall Mixtape 2014
  • Zim Lovers Mixtape 2014
  • Dj Fantan Zimdancehall Mixtape- 2014
  • Zimdancehall Mixtape 2013
  • Madlevel Riddim 2013

Some Music Productions

  • My Boo 2015 (Chill Spot Records) 2015
  • Boss Ndiani (Chill Spot Records) 2015[8]
  • Handinzwe- Shinsoman
  • Chibaba neChimwana- Soul Jah Luv Feat. Missile
  • Produced the Madlevel Medley video 2014


Sissy & DJ Fantan - Tovawachisa [Werras Riddim] Zimdancehall May 2015
Pure niceness riddim lovers mix Dj fantan

Career as a Manager

Fantan worked as manager for a young Zimdancehall chanter Ras Pompy. Under his guidance, Ras Pompy was nominated for the 2014 best Zimdancehall youngster. He was also awarded a full scholarship to further his education at Borrowdale Brooke Academy in Harare.

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