Simba Chikanza

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Simba Chikanza
Simba Chikanza
BornSimbarase Chikanza
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Known forFounding and Managing ZimEye Publication

Simba Chikanza is a UK-based Zimbabwean journalist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of popular political tabloid publication, ZimEye. Chikanza is involved with the publication full time as a journalist and often interviews Zimbabwean political leaders live on social media and the website.

Chikanza has on numerous occasions been accused of creating and publishing Fake News on his ZimEye website.

Fake News Accusations

Chikanza through ZimEye has been accused on numerous ocassions of publishing fake news that tarnished the reputations of people unfairly.

People that have accused Chikanza of publishing fake news about them include: Alex Magaisa, Thokozani Khupe, Ruramai Mash, Olinda Chapel, Faith Domingo, Edith Chibhamu, Thokozani Khupe, Kuda Musasiwa, and Nobuhle Ncube.

The Patson Dzamara case

In August 2020, following the death of political activist Patson Dzamara, Chikanza was accused of having contributed to his death by publishing fake news that suggested he had already found money for treatment. The news, it was said, discouraged people from donating to a GoGetFunding fundraising campaign that had been setup by Pachedu. The campaign only ended up raising 14,000 of the targeted 28,000 and Dzamara died before getting treatment.

Accusing Chikanza of contributing the Dzamara's death, entrepreneur Kuda Musasiwa said:

We desperately tried to raise money for Patson and when @PacheduZW set up the GoFundMe, Simba Chikanza @zimeye published a fake article the seriously hampered the collection on the first day claiming a clinic had offered full treatment. They where herbalists. Simba is evil.[1]

If you look on the appeal tweet on @PacheduZW or my profile you will see the numerous people who quoted that fake article. Patson needed immediate attention and support. We could have raised the amount and paid. We failed. The evil it takes to sabotage a health appeal is scary.[2]

In his defense Chikanza said that it was not fake news and that the organisation he interviewed for the story, one called Cancer Support Networks, were not herbalists.[3] He counter accused Musasiwa of discouraging efforts for immediate treatment by the organisation.[4]

Prominent Social Media influenceer Wellence Mujuru also commented on the matter:

Dear Simba Chikanza

😔 I don't write this with bitterness but with concern. Big Brother have you ever review how much impact your online news platform has on people's lives. By posting unverified information or the other side of the story you can destroy lives. I remember the day before yesterday when I asking people to donate towards Patson's medical treatment and a lady started allegeding that Zimeye reported Patson Dzamara 😭 has received full medical cover (which was untrue) and that zvatakuita takubira vanhu mari 😔. It detered a lot of people from donating apa he desperately needed that money to start operation. Please please try by all means to post verified information. Ini chaiye up until now from your news platform you accused me of stealing 15k USD among other allegations an allegation that had no witness , no evidence,no arrest its been 3 years no1 has came forward to say ndine ndakabirwa Mari naWellence . Some people believed you and l have to carry that false allegation for the rest of my life. Hazvina hazvo mhosva but in conclusion Please use your platform wisely sometimes its having an impact in people's lives. God Bless[5]

Chikanza's Zimbabwe Netball Team Fake News

In July 2019, Simba Chikanza was accused of publishing a fake news article and reporting the to the British police that some players in the the Zimbabwe netball Wold Cup team were underage. The British police reportedly interrogated the Zimbabwe senior national netball team, the Gems in the early hours of Friday morning. The Gems are currently in Liverpool for the Netball World Cup. [6]

The investigation by the police yielded nothing and it turned out the news was fake.

Alex Magaisa on Chikanza's ZimEye

In June 2017, prominent academic and constitutional lawyer, Alex Magaisa commented that he didn't find any need to discuss content on ZimEye

I don't read Zimeye and I don't talk about stuff from Zimeye.[7]

Simba Chikanza Contacts

  • Address: 15 QUEEN SQUARE 6 LS2 AJ

Personal Life

Chikzanza's marital status is currently not known.

Simba Chikanza's net worth is also known as his ownership stake in ZimEye is not public. It is also not clear what other assets he owns.

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