Simba Nhivi is a Zimbabwean footballer who plays as a striker for Caps United Football Club. He scored the solitary goal which allowed Caps United to become the 2016 Castle Premier Soccer League champions when they defeated Chapungu 1-0 at Ascot Stadium in Gweru on 26 November 2016. Before playing for Caps United, he had a stint at their rivals Dynamos Football Club.

Simba Nhivi
Simba Sithole
Born January 10, 1991
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Pamushana High School
  • Footballer.
Employer Caps United Football Club



He was born on 10 January 1991. Simba grew up in Masvingo among his mother's relatives following the death of his parents.[1] He did his secondary at Pamushana High School. The player changed his name from Simba Sithole to Simba Nhivi after he claimed that he had encountered a lot of misfortunes in his career which prompted him to change his surname to use his father's surname instead.[2]


The player rose to prominence when he was signed by CAPS United Football Club during the 2010 season.[1]

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The player made headlines in the local premier league scoring goals for the green machine and this saw him attracting the attention of several clubs in South Africa.[2] He was signed by Mamelodi Sundowns where he had a fairly shot stint with the club before he was offloaded by the club after having failed to impressed.[2] He came back to Zimbabwe where he signed for Dynamos Football Club before he was acquired by Supersport of South Africa again but things did not work out again which culminated in the termination of his contract. When he returned home, he also struggled for form.

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His goal against Chapungu Football Club was voted 3rd best goal in Africa in October 2014.[3]

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