Parliament of Zimbabwe Building

The 9th Parliament of Zimbabwe began in September 2018 and is set to expire in 2023. The Parliament of Zimbabwe is composed of the Senate and the National Assembly. The 9th Parliament's membership was set by the 2018 Zimbabwean general election, which gave Zanu PF a ⅔ majority, with the MDC Alliance taking most of the remaining seats.

9th Parliament Inforgraphic

Here is an inforgraphic to illustrate the 9th Parliament so far in terms of appointments, deaths and expulsions.

July 2018


September 2018

  • Hon. Mabel Chinomona elected as President of the Senate and shifts Houses
  • In the previous Parliament she was the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly

April 2019

June 2019

Death - National Assembly

November 2019

  • Death of Alice Ndlovu (Zanu PF) - Proportional Representation (PR) Matabeleland South Province (National Assembly)

May 2020

Expulsions (MDC Alliance)

June 2020

Expulsions (MDC Alliance - All National Assembly)

  • Happymore Chidziva - Highfield West
  • Amos Chibaya - Mkoba
  • Zwizwai Murisi - Harare Central
  • Bacilia Majaya - PR Mashonaland Central
  • M Mugidho - PR Masvingo
  • Virginia Zengeya - PR Harare
  • Annah Myambo - PR Harare
  • Francisca Ncube - PR Matabeleland North
  • N Ndlovu - PR Matabeleland South

Deaths - All National Assembly

July 2020


September 2020


October 2020

Expulsions - MDC Alliance (All Members of the National Assembly)

November 2020


January 2021


Notes: Thokozile Angela Mathuthu, who was elected to serve in the 9th Parliament died on 13 August 2018, before the Parliament opened.


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