Dzingai Mutumbuka
Dzingai Mutumbuka , 1980 Zimbabwe Parliament
Image Via The Zimbabwean
BornDzingai Mutumbuka
EducationUniverity of Zimbabwe
Alma materUniverity of Zimbabwe,
  • Politician
  • Minister of Education and Culture
EmployerGovernment of Zimbabwe
OrganizationMinistry of Education and Culture

Dzingai Mutumbuka is one of Zimbabwe's liberation war heroes and the first Minister of Education and Culture in the Cabinet of 1980. He also served as the minister of Higher Education.

Educational Background

Mutumbuka did part of his education at the University Zimbabwe before moving to the United Kingdom to pursue further studies where he obtained a doctorate in physical chemistry from the University of Sussex.


Dzingai Mutumbuka is a prominent figure in the liberation history of Zimbabwe. In the colonial period, he served as the secretary for education and culture in the Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front, Zanu (PF) and was responsible for the education of all Zimbabweans in refugee camps in Mozambique.[1]

Post Independent Career

With the attainment of majority rule in 1980, Dzingai served as education minister from 1980 until 1988 before his short stint as higher education minister between 1988 and 1989.[1] He also supervised the implementation of policies in different government ministries such as health and education. Mutumbuka worked for the World Bank as Sectors Manager for Eastern and Southern Africa. He also chaired the Association for the Development of Education in Africa.

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Posts Held in Government

  • Minister of Education 1980-1988
  • Minister of Higher Education 1988-1989



Mutumbuka is said to have one of the people that were involved in the Willowgate Scandal. It is alleged that several government officials, Mutumbuka included abused a facility through which they could purchase vehicles at subsidised prices by reselling the cars for profit. The scandal also included other prominent figures such as Maurice Nyagumbo.[2]


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