Mai Chisamba

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Mai Chisamba
Mai Chisamba
BornRebecca Tsikirayi
(1952-10-21) October 21, 1952 (age 71)
  • Talk Show Host.
Spouse(s)Arnold Chisamba

Mai Chisamba is one of the pioneering talk show hosts to emerge out of Zimbabwe. She rose to fame with her popular show called The Mai Chisamba Show which was a popular talk show on ZBC TV. Apart from her popular talk show, Mai Chisamba also has a newspaper column on which people can write to her on marital issues and she responds to the various issues brought to her. Mai Chisamba's show popularity seems to be generated from the fact that she talks about so many topical issues ranging from health, sexual promiscuity, ethics, morals among others


Mai Chisamba was born Rebecca Tsikirayi in Bindura on 21 October 1952 in a family of seven. She attended Bindura Salvation Army Primary School before attending Usher Girls High in Matebeleland. Rebecca received teacher training at Howard Institute. She is married to Arnold Chisamba.[1]


She has five children, two boys and three girls. One of her daughters, Gamuchirayi, is employed at Chisamba Productions as a graphic designer. As of 18 July 2021, Mai Chisamba has five grandchildren.[2]

Teaching career

Before making her name on ZBC as a talkshow host, Mai Chisamba was previously a teacher. She became a radio teacher under the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture.[1] She would go around the country in schools teaching children through radio.

Educational Background

  • Teaching Diploma (Howard Institute)
  • Master of Arts degree (Women’s University in Africa 2010)
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Career as Radio, TV Personality and Columnist

Having recorded success as a radio teacher under the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture now known as the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, her career in television started in the early 1990s when she was asked to do interviews for AM Zimbabwe on a part time basis.she went on to host a lot of other successful radio shows with ZBC such as Mhuri Pachinyakare and Kukwira Gomo.[3] According to Rebecca, her watershed moment in the showbiz industry came when she was asked to host Today’s Woman/Mudzimai Wanhasi occasionally. Mai Chisamba explained that the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation then asked her to do Today’s Woman/Mudzimai Wanhasi and with time she became the only person left hosting it before the name of the show was changed to Mai Chisamba Show[3] The show was well known for its wide ranging discussions which grappled with several issues affecting the Zimbabwean community which included the scourge f HIV and AIDS, the debate about female dressing especially on mini skirts, health problems especially those related to poor methods of garbage disposal, the rise in child-headed families, moral decadence, poor performances of the Zimbabwe national soccer team, gender-based violence. The Amai Chisamba Show was also popular because it invited all people interested in airing their views on certain issues to come to the recording studios and discuss with special panelists invited to give their expert analysis. After a long relationship with ZBC, Rebecca Chisamba went independent after having launched Chisamba Productions and Media Consultancy. The show continued to grow and has over the years continued to command a huge following. Amai Chisamba also launched a column called Mudzimba with Mai Chisamba in The Sunday Mail in which she engages with Zimbabweans on marital and related issues. The column seems to be a resounding success if the comments in the media are anything to go by.[4]

Brand Ambassador Roles

In 2018, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority engaged Mai Chisamba as a domestic tourism ambassador as part of their ongoing programme to encourage locals to visit leisure spots across Zimbabwe.[5]


  • Zimbabwe Communicator of the Year Award (2003)
  • Best Television Woman Presenter in (2007)
  • Best Television Presenter (2008 Njama Awards)
  • Victor’s Award for Outstanding Woman in Zimbabwe and Longstanding Talk Show Host (2011, Victors Incorporation)
  • Superwoman for Advice and Mentoring (2012)
  • Outstanding Woman in the Use of Mass Media for Gender Equality Award (2012, Professional Women Executives and Women in Business [PROWEB])
  • Overall Defender of Human Rights Award (2014, Zimbabwe Human Rights Association)
  • Honorary Doctorate (2015, International Institute of Philanthropy)
  • Order of the Star of Zimbabwe Silver Medal (2023)

Business Interests

After having parted with ZBC, Mai Chisamba went on to establish Chisamba Productions and Media Consultancy in which she and husband Arnold Chisamba are directors


Mai Chisamba was reported to have had a sexual relationship with former Anglican Bishop, Norbert Kunonga. It was alleged that as a result of the illicit affair Mai Chisamba had been made a marriage officer within the Anglican church.[6] Although the story gained a lot of traction on various social media platforms, Mai Chisamba scoffed at the allegations saying that the story was a lie. A shadowy Facebook character by the name Baba Jukwa once made claims that Mai Chisamba was "abusing" her employees in Bulawayo by refusing to give them their salaries for several months. The allegations nevertheless denied by Mai Chisamba.[7]


Mai Chisamba is a fan of Tocky Vibes[8]


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