Mai Titi

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Mai Titi
Mai TT.jpg
BornFelistas Chido Murata
(1985-07-02) July 2, 1985 (age 38)
OccupationComedian, Musician
Known forBeing a comedienne
Home townMufakose
Criminal chargeFraud.
Defaulting Cmmunity Service
Criminal penalty9 months prison sentence
Criminal statusIn prison
Spouse(s)Tinashe Maphosa
ChildrenFelisha, Tanatswa
  • Edward Murata (father)
  • Esther Murata (mother)
AwardsTop Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise Business Leader of the Year Award (2018)

Mai Titi real name Felistas Murata Edwards is a Zimbabwean social media comedienne, musician, entrepreneur, MC, and convicted criminal. She received the Top Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise Business Leader of the Year Award on 26 March 2018 from the Women’s Heritage Society World Organisation.

In June 2023 Mai Titi was convicted of theft of trust property by Harare Magistrate Munashe Chibanda. [1]

Personal Details

Born: Felistas Murata Edwards, in 1985. Mai TT's mother is Esther Murata and her father is Edward Murata who is a church elder. She grew up in a family of five children that included two boys. Growing up she attended AFM church [2]
Marriage: She had her first marriage at the age of 18 and she said this affected her life because she was not mature to handle marriage.[3]
Mai Titi's current husband is Tinashe Maphosa. They exchanged vows on 28 November 2021 in the United States of America. Below is a video of the couple exchanging vows: [[File:Mai Titi and Tinashe Maphosa exchanging vows.mp4|thumb|center|Mai Titi and Tinashe Maphosa exchanging vows]]
Mai Titi has 2 children.
On 14 December 2021, Tinashe Maphosa paid lobola for her at Mai TT's parents home in Budiriro. Tinashe reportedly paid US$15 000 cash, clothes worth US$1500 and groceries worth more than US$1000. He also promised to clear part of the Rusambo charged US$18 000. [2]

The occasion was graced by Madam Boss who was also part of the Roora Squad.
View pictures of the Roora ceremony below:


On 9 April 2022, they had their wedding ceremony at Royal Gates in Chisipite, Harare. Only 400 guests were invited while the majority watched the wedding via live streaming.
The couple had a 16-member bridal team which included Natalie Mhandu, Diana Samkange, Faith Candy, Vimbai Kanyanda and Roselyne Nyika. Diana and Vimbai returned on the line-up as they once were bridesmaids at Mai Titi's first wedding. They invited Mathias Mhere, Jonah Chivasa, Tryson Chimbetu, Baba Harare, Andy Muridzo, Sulumani Chimbetu and South African Kelly Khumalo to perform.
The wedding's colour themes were white, gold, royal blue and sky blue. Mai Titi's first gown was designed in Turkey and according to her was a Vera Wang which cost US$4 000 and took 14 days to order and ship to Zimbabwe. Her second dress was designed by Zimbabwean designer Tapfumaneyi Munenge affectionately known as Coco.
The photography and filming were done by Printzone Multimedia while fashion wear retailer Jan Jam was part of the sponsors. Mai Titi revealed that her wedding rings cost US$3,500 while Maphosa’s was US$1,200. Mai Titi’s bouquet was designed by her mother Esther Murata. [4]
Mai TT arrived at the venue in a helicopter, in the company of her two children. Mai Titi and Tinashe Maphosa received cash from the guests including a honeymoon ticket to the Maldives from Zodwa Mkandla. [5]

School / Education

Secondary: Mufakose and Glenview High I.

She is also clothes designer. [6] For a detailed interview of Mai Titi click here



Music Career

Felistas Maruta reportedly indicated she had tried singing but did not succeed, she then ventured into comedy as she didn't receive any formal training.

“As someone who talks too much, I grew up cracking jokes on different issues, making people laugh. All I can say is that making jokes is an inborn thing, and one of my few gifts from the Almighty,” she said.

“I tried to concentrate on my singing career, but after realising that I always make people laugh, on December 22 [2016]I decided to give it [comedy] a try and recorded my first skit and since then, the response has been overwhelming.


A Life To Regret

In May 2021, Mai TT was fired by A Life To Regret film producer, Billy Jeremiah Brown over her unruliness on and off the set. Mai Titi was set to make her debut professional acting career in the film starring popular Congolese Rumba musician, Awilo Longomba in the movie A Life To Regret. In the film, Mai Titi was one of the lead characters playing the stepmother. She was replaced by Tanzanian musician, Angel Mary Kato. A statement on the official BJB Films Facebook page read:

“It’s sad to announce that we had to terminate Mai Titi’s role and replaced her with Angel Mary Kato due to lack of professionalism on set and whilst living and working with other celebrities as well as the crew. We love Zimbabweans that’s why we picked someone from Zim but unfortunately, we could not continue with her.”


In response, Mai TT raised sexual abuse allegations and said she was the one who had terminated the contract with BJB Films. Mai TT was quoted by The Herald saying:

“There is more to it, but I decided to let sleeping dogs lie, but since they want war, I can as well expose them too from sexual abuses amongst the actors to unpaid dues. I am at a loss for words, maybe they are trying to tarnish my name or what. The truth of the matter is that I pulled out because of a lack of professionalism from their side. They used my brand to get the attention they wanted. We were not paid and BJB Films had no sponsors for a start. I thought it was water under the bridge after I left three months ago.”

Mai Titi said she was shocked and surprised with the news that her role was replaced, as she pulled out of the film months ago. She said she was taking the matter further so that she clears her name with fans and family. She said:

“I am a brand and I work with a constitution and contracts. Imagine when Awilo came, all eyes were on him, forgetting other actors. This was depressing. I am thinking of taking the matter to the British Embassy and exposing them. If they had sponsors and budget for the film, why did it take them long to release the film. As we speak, it is still in pre-production.”



She is also a clothes designer. [6] For a detailed interview of Mai Titi click here


Makandiwa Bribe Allegations, August 2017

In August 2017, Mai Titi was reported to have been bribed by Emmanuel Makandiwa to give a testimony. Reports had it that Mai Titi was paid to give a testimony that she had been cured of cancer by Makandiwa. However, Mai Titi denied the allegations;

How can someone fake cancer, varikuti ndakabhadharwa varikureva here kuti ndakaoreswa gumbo hama dzikaona neshamwari ndikazonorapwa kwaProphet Makandiwa? Kana Prophet Makandiwa achiisa urwere hwakadaro muvanhu zvinoreva kuti he has more powers and those accusing him of for paying me must repent or they will perish due to their unbelief. My sickness was never a secret and I even posted it on social media and those who are talking that rubbish never took me to their healers. One of my cousins, who goes to UFIC, is the one who decided to take me to Prophet Makandiwa and he prayed for me and I was healed and decided to give my testimony before the congregation. They might talk all they want but what I know is that Prophet Makandiwa was used by God in my healing and I look strong to move on with my life. If Prophet Makandiwa had given me that US$10 000 being talked about, will I not be driving a better car?

Mai Titi denies she was bribed by Makandiwa to testify being healed of cancer

Cyber Bullying Allegations, 2018

In mid-January 2018, Mai Titi was reportedly being cyberbullied by a woman identified as Presca Shyleen Paradzayi on Facebook. In reports, the woman alleged that Mai Titi had snatched her husband. Paradzayi claimed that Mai Titi was in a relationship with a fellow comedian named Skimbo (Abra Skimbo). However, Skimbo allegedly denied any relations with Mai Titi and indicated that Paradzayi was ruining his brand and image. On the other hand, Mai Titi was allegedly taken to hospital after her blood pressure had gone up. In an interview she said,

“I am so afraid as we speak because I do not know what she is capable of after reading her threats which scare me, I want her to be deported and dealt with legally,” she said “I was going to let it go like I do with similar cases, but this has gone too far because she involved my children and almost cost me my marriage after my husband based in England started having insecurities over the matter,[10]


In March 2018, Mai Titi received an award as the Top Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise Business Leader of the Year Award (2018). She was presented the award by the Women’s Business and Leadership Awards. The award was in recognition of championing leadership roles and the advancement and emancipation of girls and women in Business and Leadership. Mai Titi said she was happy to receive the award,

I am so happy. I am excited and I can’t wait for the day. This is one of the best moments in my life. I am going to break down and cry because I never thought I am worth that. It’s something that I never expected. It’s way above my expectations. I don’t even know what to say at the moment,” she said.[11]

Breaking down on Facebbook

In a Facebook Live video, comedian Mai Titi cried. She alleged that her former husband owed her and is deliberately spreading HIV. She said that she withdrew a case against him for deliberately infecting her with HIV. She claimed that her former husband Tapiwa Mutikani owed her and is living in a house that she built. She also dated dancehall artist Zisoe PaMyk.

Willing To “Test” Magaya’s HIV Cure, 2018

Mai Titi said she was willing to try Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Walter Magaya’s HIV “cure”. She said if the drug failed to work on her, she would speak out, but if it produced results, she would join forces with Magaya to market it. [12]

Smasher Incitement

In 2020, Mai TT took one of her colleagues Kristle Smasher to the Harare Magistrates’ Court complaining that she incited her personal assistant Morepower Masimba Gombe and Patricia Jeke to suffocate her to death while on a hospital bed.

Smasher was granted $900 bail and ordered to return to court on 15 October 15 2020 for trial. [13]

Defamation Charges, Oct 2020

In October 2020, High Court Judge Erica Ndewere ordered Mai TT to pay $500 000 defamation damages to a local home decor expert, Memory Muyaka. Muyaka, affectionately known as Mai Maketeni, dragged Mai TT to court early this year accusing her of tarnishing her image in an internet row which dragged on for months. Mai TT labelled Muyaka a prostitute, a witch, and a cultist in the posts. Muyaka told the court that the post by Mai TT posted on social media degraded her social standing as a married woman, a business person, and as a Christian. The decor expert also said Mai TT had a huge following hence the publications had a big negative impact on her dignity.

Mai TT was also accused of publishing that Muyaka and three other unnamed people were part of the Illuminati secret society that is believed to be involved in Satanism and that they wanted to kill Murata.

Ndewere in her ruling said:

“Whereupon after reading documents filed on record and hearing counsel, it is ordered that the defendant pays the plaintiff in the sum of $500 000 and the prescribed interest rate starting from the date of judgment up to the date of payment in full.”


Fraud Charges, March 2023

On 2 March 2023, Mai TT appeared before a Harare magistrate on allegations of defrauding a Harare woman, Rachel Mhuka, of US$10 000. [15]

She allegedly borrowed US$10 000 from the businesswoman and surrendered a hired vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, as collateral security in September 2022. Mai TT later demanded back the Mercedes Benz from Mhuka and said it did not belong to her and offered her an Audi Q5 and an expired passport as surety. It later emerged that the Audi Q5 did not belong to Mai TT but to Else Event Car Hire.

Mhuka then lodged a complaint with the police leading to Mai TT's arrest. Mai TT was granted free bail.

In October 2023, after Mai Titi repaid the complainant, the State withdrew fraud charges (Fraud Charges, March 2023 above). The withdrawal of charges took place before Harare magistrate Apolonia Marutya. [16]

The state withdrew the fraud charges before plea against Mai TT, after establishing that she had paid back the complainant’s money amounting to US$10 000. Murata was already serving nine months in jail after she was convicted of theft of trust property in June. [17]

Theft of Trust Property Charges, March 2023

On 2 March 2023, Mai TT appeared before a Harare magistrate on allegations of theft of trust property. [18]

Allegations were that Mai TT hired an Audi Q5 from Liberty Kudakwashe Vazhura at Else Car Rental. The two parties entered into an agreement where Mai TT was supposed to pay US$770 per week and a lease agreement was signed. It was alleged that Mai TT failed to make the weekly payments, which prompted Vazhura to order her to return the car. Vazhura then reported the matter to Rhodesville Police Station and the car was recovered from Mhuka’s place of residence. Mai TT had surrendered the vehicle as collateral when she borrowed US$10 000 from the businesswoman.

On 13 June 2023, Harare Magistrate Munashe Chibanda convicted Mai TT for theft of trust property charges. [19]

On 15 June 2023, Mai TT was sentenced to an effective nine (9) months imprisonment.[20]

She was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, 6 months were suspended on condition that she doesn’t commit a similar offense in the next 5 years.

Mai TT was handed an additional 3 months imprisonment for defaulting on 105 hours of community service in a previous conviction for assault eight years back.

Mai TT later appealed at the High Court against her conviction and sentence arguing had no intention to deprive Rachel Mhuka of her US$10 000 or Else Event Car Hire of its vehicle.[21]

Her hearing was postponed to 06 November by High Court judges, Justices Happious Zhou and Benjamin Chikowero, after the State asked for more time to file its arguments.

On 06 November 2023, the High Court ruled that Mai TT was not guilty of theft of trust property and set aside her conviction and sentence.[22]

She was released from Chikurubi Female Prison on 07 November 2023 after serving three months for absconding community service in 2015.

Mai TT had been convicted of domestic violence. She only performed 19 of her required 105 hours, for which the Magistrates’ Court imposed a three-month sentence for the default.

The sentence ran concurrently with an effective six months for theft of trust property, which was quashed by the High Court on 06 November 2023 on appeal.[23]

In Prison

At a party for the children of inmates at Chikurubi Female Prison in June 2023, Mai TT (Felistas Murata) said God put her in prison for a reason. She visited that same prison years ago, to donate food and sanitary wear, and was touched by the living conditions of inmates, especially innocent babies, accompanying their mothers in prison, especially innocent babies, accompanying their mothers in prison.


MAI TITI - MAKATENDEKA (Official video)

Madam Boss and Mai Titi join the nation in mourning Cde Chinx


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