Major E
Major E
Major E
Background information
Birth nameEphraim Mushore
Also known asLyrical Editor
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter, Jornalism
Years active1991- present

Major E is one of the pioneering reggae/Zimdancehall artists in Zimbabwe having started with the genre in the 90s. Major E and other dancehall artists of the time like Potato and Booker T were the face of dancehall in Zimbabwe in the 90s. They performed with prominent mainstream artists such as Andy Brown and Innocent Utsiwegota. He is now based in Essex, UK.


Major E was born Ephraim Mushore. He went to Kutama High School.

Music Career

Major E was discovered by The Godfather Jah B in Harare in 1987 when he was still in high school and Major E became chief Stereo 1 MC in 1989. Later in the 90s, Major E became a success in the 90s with the single Sounds of the 90s which he did with Booker T on the Hypocrite Riddim. Around this time he also did collaborations Innocent Utsiwegota with whom they created the mainstream hits such as "In My Dreams", Amai and Country Boy.

In My Dreams was number one on the daily Hit Pick of the then Radio 3, and was the top hit on the annual Radio 3 Top 100 in Zimbabwe, toppling international artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and R Kelly at the time was such a big achievement for the track.[1]

Major E also worked with Fidelity, Decibel and Mathius Julius in various projects as well.

Major E is works with Judgement on Mad Sundays in London.[2]

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  • Sound of the 90s
  • Country Boy
  • In My Dreams
  • Amai
  • We Nuh Regular (2016)

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Major E attained studied for a diploma in Media and a degree in Journalism and Communications from Essex University and Middlesex University respectively.[1]


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