BornSelemani Mpochi
  • Dancer
EmployerAlick Macheso
Known forBeing Alick Macheso's lead dancer

Majuice is a Zimbabwean dancer who specialises in a form of dance known as Borrowdale which mimics galloping horses at Borrowdale race club. He dances for Orchestra Mberikwazvo frontman Alick Macheso


Real Name=

Majuice's real name is Selemani Mpochi


Majuice was born in April 1987 in Harare's Rugare surburb. [1]


He attended Rugare Primary School for his primary education and Kambuzuma High 2 School for his high school education.[1]


In an interview, Majuice said he started dancing while he was at Rugare Primary. He has worked with several musicians that include; Mbuya Madhuve's mbira group Shumba Stars, Famous 7 led by George Tafirenyika, Leonard Zhakata, the late Sam Mtukudzi, Peter Tangwena and a band co-founded by Katarina and one Kajanda. He met Alick Macheso at Pakare Paye Arts Centre. Majuice frequented Pakare Paye while working for Sam Mtukudzi even though he was a member of Peter Tangwena's Star Light Musica. He was hired by Macheso who was impressed with his dance skills when he used to perform as supporting acts for Orchestra Mberikwazvo.[1]

Rape Case

In September 2021, Selemani Mpochi appeared in court on allegations of raping his 17-year-old girlfriend.

Mpochi was facing rape charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi. He was remanded out of custody on his own recognition.

The court heard that on August 20 2021, the complainant sent a text message to Majuice begging him to drive her to Kuwadzana the following day for a party. It is alleged that the next day Mpochi met the complainant and they proceeded to Kuwadzana where he dropped her and went away.

At around 5 pm on the same day, the complainant sent a message to Majuice advising him that she was not feeling comfortable at the party. She told him to come and pick her up.

The court heard that he drove and picked the complainant and went to a certain house in Crowborough phase 3 where they entered into a room and sat on the bed. He allegedly gave the complainant beer and left to buy her food.

Majuice allegedly came back and started caressing the complainant who allegedly told him to stop what he was doing.

He went on to have sexual intercourse with the complainant once without her consent. After the act, it is alleged he drove the complainant to her house where she arrived late.

It is alleged that her mother asked her why she had come back home late and she first lied to her only to reveal the truth the following day to her friend and the matter was reported to the police leading to Mpochi’s arrest.[2]


  • Majuice started drinking in 2017 and he said it is just for pleasure.[1]
  • Before he joined Macheso he was a commuter omnibus driver.[3]


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