Paul Tangi Mhova Mkondo

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Paul Tangi Mhova “Life Time Insurance ” Mkondo (MK)
Paul Mkondo
“Upenyu Wenyu Idambudziko ReMoyo Wangu”
Born(1945-12-23)December 23, 1945
Resting placeHwedza
ResidenceOld Highfield; Old Marimba Park Suburb, Highlands; Mazowe; Hwedza; Masvingo
EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe, Keele University, University of Southern California
Alma materTegwani High School; Chemhanza Primary.
OccupationIndigenous Businessman
EmployerSelf Employed Entrepreneur
OrganizationPaul Mkondo Insurance; Nhavota Enterprises.
Known forNationalist; Gonakudzingwa Political Prisoner; Entrepreneur; Restauranteur; Music Promoter; Insurance Guru, Black Economic Empowerment, Marimba Park Tycoons; Student Protest Leader (UDI).
Notable workWorld acclaimed ‘Nothing is Impossible’ (1983) Novel by Samuel Chimsoro is based on Mkondo’s early life & Pre-Independence; Radio Zimbabwe Programme - Mari neUpenyu WeVanhu (Money & Life) ; Money & Life Autobiography (Unpublished).
Home townNerupiri, Gutu
Board member ofSouthampton Assurance; Club HideOut 99; Paul Mkondo Insurance; Sharaude Taxis; Nhavota Enterprises; Danhiko; Z.R.P.
Spouse(s)Dr. Maud Machiridza Tekere Mkondo
ChildrenNhamodzinesu Mkondo
RelativesDr. Simon Mkondo

Paul Tangi Mhova Mkondo (23 December 1945 – 9 May 2013) was a Zimbabwean nationalist.Mkondo was also a very successful entrepreneur and a pioneer indigenous business magnate. Mkondo was one of the first Gonakudzingwa political prisoners alongside Joshua Nkomo as a student leader protesting against Rhodesia’s Declaration of Independence. A popular insurance program called Mari NeUpenyu Vevanhu broadcasting on Radio 2 (now known as Radio Zimbabwe) was done by him on Sunday Mornings since the early 70s.

Early life :1945-1954 Mkondo was born in 1945 in Fort Victoria, (now Masvingo). He was the third born in a family of 18 children, the second son of Tangi Mkondo. Paul grew up in Nerupiri Village in Gutu a district of Masvingo Province. He later moved with his father Tangi Mhova Mkondo, who was a very hard-working & disciplined farm manager (who was asked by the white farm owner to relocate with him because he trusted & respected his work ethics), to Schoora Estate in Marandellas (now Marondera) in Mashonaland East Province.

Education and training 1955-1964 Mkondo did his Sub A (Grade 1) to Standard One (Grade 3) at Schoora Estate Primary School. After Standard One, Mkondo moved to another farm in Wedza, which became known as Edridge (Duva) Estate where he worked as a stable boy looking after horses, and then became the butler. During this time his father Tangi Mhova Mkondo joined fellow migrants recruited by Witswatersrand Native Labour Association (WNLA/ WENELA) to catch the Stimela train to work in the gold mines of Johannesburg, South Africa. This was in order to pay for the controversial hut tax imposed upon black Rhodesians (Zimbabwe) by the colonial government, as traditional subsistence farming did not generate enough income to afford the tax. Mkondo had to work to support his mother and the rest of his siblings at a very young age. During the weekend he started weekend business of trading at the local market. He later went to Chemhanza Mission in Wedza a district of Mashonaland East Province, from 1957 to complete his primary education from Standard Two (Grade 4) to Standard Six. Mkondo then went to high school at Tegwani Mission near Bulawayo in Matabeleland South Province. At Tegwani Mission (now Thekwane High School) he met future fellow nationalists such as Canaan Banana and Edson Zvobgo. Mkondo was also classmates with union leader Gibson Sibanda. Mkondo as the Headboy led the biggest student protest against the Rhodesian Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) in 1965. This resulted in him being black-listed and outlawed, resulting in him being one of the first political detainees at Gonakudzingwa Restriction camp alongside Joshua Nkomo. Mkondo during school vacations, used to enjoy the Outward Bound Camps, which were held at the Outward Bound Mountaineering Centre in Melsetter (now Chimanimani) in Manicaland Province. He became a part-time instructor which helped him self-finance his Secondary Education.Mkondo during this time also trained individuals on bushcraft,scouting and how to survive in the bush and became elite SAS special forces worldwide. Mkondo went on to become a full-time "Outward Bound Instructor" where he trained another future nationalist, Moven Mahachi, who later on was to confide in him in planning the escape of Robert Mugabe and Edgar Tekere to Mozambique alongside Chief Rekayi Tangwena (whom he had befriended as an Outward Bound instructor) with the assistance of Samora Machel's FRELIMO party. After a few years as an Outward bound Instructor and Scout in the Eastern Highlands, Mkondo decided to continue his education. He enrolled at Bulawayo Polytechnic College to train in hotel catering, a course that was sponsored by the Rhodesian Breweries (Natbrew) and Anglo American Corporation. He was one of two black students accepted at the time for this course. The student who achieved the highest marks was to be offered a scholarship to study for a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Management at Blackpool Technical College (now Blackpool and The Fylde College) in the United Kingdom. Mkondo came first among the other students in the course, but was not offered the scholarship because of his colour.This was his first personal taste of racial discrimination, as he believed the scholarship was a lifetime opportunity to help him provide for his family. Mkondo then relocated to Highfields Harare, obtaining a job with the prestigious Park Lane Hotel in Salisbury as an assistant kitchen manager. Due to an altercation with some soldiers at a wedding, Mkondo was fired and later barred from future employment at any catering establishment. He sought out another job at Salisbury's Federal Hotel, but again cited discrimination by the predominantly Coloured guests.

Entrepreneurship and businesses establishment 1965-1969 Mkondo decided to open his own business in Lochinvar, and purchased the Club Hideout 99 with approval from the Rhodesian Liquor Licensing Board and the municipal authorities. This site later became an important meeting site for supporters of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU), and stored weapons for the party's militant wing, the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA).Mkondo also participated in a series of urban bombings, such as the sabotage of petrol installations in Epworth. Throughout the 1960s, he worked as an insurance & financial advisor. His business acumen and strong work ethic set off his entrepreneurial spirit which made him start a garage and taxi business in Machipisa, Highfields. Mkondo eventually founded his own taxi company, Sharaude Glen Noah Taxi Services (Pvt) Ltd, which came to own the second largest taxi fleet in Rhodesia. At some point he also served as president of the country's Metered Taxi Operators' Association.


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