The Zimbabwe College of Music is the only Zimbabwean college that specialises in music lessons (Ethnomusicology). The college, offers lessons on performance of traditional Zimbabwean music including Mbira and marimba. The college boast of producing some of the best musicians such as James Chimombe, Dumisani Maraire and Dumi Ngulube. In collaboration with the Africa University and University of Zimbabwe, the college offers internationally recognised degrees.


Founding and History

The college was founded by by Professor Eileen Reynolds, (ARCM,FRCM) in 1948 and built by Sir Stephen Lady Courtauld. In 1989 the ethnomusicology program was inaugurated. The college was established to provide instrumental/vocal training and supporting programs in theory for aspiring musicians.[1] In terms of instruments the college offers piano, guitar, keyboard, drumkit, recorder, Western orchestral instruments. Not only western instruments lessons are offered but indigenous ones like mbira, nyunganyunga, ngoma, marimba and a variety of African dances. By 1989, the college had its first batch of Ethnomusicology students being enrolled.

Musicians that Trained at Zimbabwe College of Music

Aims and Objectives

The college has a vision of providing the highest possible education in music and all arts products in general.[2] The oblectives includes;


Programmes are offered from primary school, O and A level as well as diploma levels. The examinations are run by the Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) in the UK. The programmes includes;

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