Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development is a Ministry in the government of Zimbabwe


  • Formulate national transport and infrastructure policies;
  • Plan, design, construct and maintain regional trunk roads, state roads, and bridges;
  • Plan, construct, operate and maintain the railway infrastructure and network in compliance with relevant national and international standards;
  • Ensure that the Transport Sector complies with national and international standards;
  • Provide services that ensure the safety of road, rail, air and inland water traffic;
  • Supervise and administer relevant national and international regulations, treaties and protocols of all aspects of the Transport and Infrastructure Sectors;
  • Provide freight and passenger transport and infrastructural networks and services;
  • Provide, operate and maintain transport and equipment services;
  • Coordinate and supervise Parastatals and State Enterprises under the Ministry’s purview;
  • Approve, monitor and evaluate the implementation of turn-around strategies by Parastatals and State Enterprises under the Ministry’s purview.