Owen Mudha Ncube is a Zimbabwan politician and current Minister of State in the president's office for National Security. He is also a businessman, farmer [1]and a member of the Zanu-PF party. He is the former Minister of State for Midlands Province .[2] He was elected into parliament in July 2013 to represent Gokwe-Kana Constituency.

Owen Ncube
Owen Ncube.jpg
Nationality Zimbabwean
Citizenship Zimbabwe
Occupation Politician
Employer Government of Zimbabwe
Known for Being a Member of Palriament
Political party Zanu-PF

In January 2019, Ncube issued an order to internet providers in Zimbabwe to shut down the internet following protests that had turned violent on 14 January 2019.



Owen Ncube was born on 17 April 1968 in Kwekwe.


Diploma in English and Diploma in Public Relations.

Political Carrer

Ncube joined Zanu-PF in 1981 and eventually became a Member of the Provincial Leadership. Elected Member of the National Assembly representing Gokwe Kana in 2013.[1]

Involvement in Zanu-PF Factionalism


In March 2016, Ncube was reported to have been passed a vote of no confidence in Midlands Province. It was reported that the suspension of Ncube and other members was on allegations of gross misconduct, running parallel structures, divisive conduct and promoting factionalism. [3] However these allegations were reportedly dismissed by the Provincial Deputy Chairman ,Daniel McKenzie Ncube.


In July 2014 it was reported that Ncube was involved in a fistfight with Masango Matambanadzo from (Kwekwe Central) at Amaveni Shopping Centre. The fight came over allegations of instructing youths to perform acts of arson and campaigning of the two. The matter was alleged to have been reported to the police. [4]

Ncube was reported to have been involved in a near fist fight with Tapiwanashe Matangaidze. Matangaidze is the former Deputy Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare. Matangaidze was reported to have gone to confront Ncube after he was booed and jeered while reading provincial resolutions ahead of a 2015 Zanu-PF Annual People’s Conference. The youths allegedly accused Matangaidze of fanning factionalism and creating tensions between Emmerson Mnangagwa and the then First Lady Grace Mugabe. Infuriated by the incessant booing, jeering and interjections, Matangaidze was forced to abandon reading the resolutions and went for Ncube .[5]


In April 2018, Ncube was reported to have been involved in an accident. He hit a cow when he was driving from his Gokwe-Kana constituency on his way to submit his Curriculum Vitae for the Zanu-PF party primary elections when the accident occurred. He was however unhurt as the accident was minor. Minister of State for Midlands Involved In Car Accident

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