Welshman Ncube. Picture source: Bulawayo24.com
Welshman Ncube is a Zimbabwean lawyer and politician who led a new Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) faction after the split of the initial MDC party in 2005.



He was born on July 7, 1961 in Gweru. He is the fourth born in a family of eight, who grew up in the rural areas as his parents were farmers.[1] Ncube's son Bongani is husband to South African President Jacob Zuma's daughter, Gugulethu.[2]


He holds a Bachelor of Law (BL), Bachelor of Laws (BLL) and a Master of Philosophy degrees all from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

Political career

His academic prowess prompted him to join the MDC at its formation in 1999 becoming its first secretary general in the same year. He was in 2011 elected unopposed as the MDC president after the expiry of the term of Arthur Mutambara.[3] Ncube was in 2000 voted as the Bulawayo North East member of parliament. His major success in politics however came in 2009 when he was appointed the Industry and Commerce minister during the Government of National Unity (GNU).

Positions Held

CBZ law suit

CBZ Bank took Welshman Ncube to court seeking an order compelling him to settle a $100 000 loan advanced to him in January 2010.[4]

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