Winky D

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Winky D (Gafa)
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Background information
Native nameWallace Chirumiko
Born (1983-02-01) February 1, 1983 (age 41)
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter
Years active1999 to present
Associated actsLayaan Soulja, Oskid, Ninja Lipsy

Winky D (real name Wallace Chirumiko) is an award-winning Zimbabwe Dancehall artist popularly known as the Ninja President. He is most known for his hit songs Musarove Bigman, Disappear, Ngirozi, Panorwadza Moyo (a collaboration with Oliver Mtukudzi), Kasong keJecha and Mugarden a collaboration with Gemma Griffiths.


He was born Wallace Chirumiko on the 1 February 1983 in Harare’s Kambuzuma suburb[1]. Winky D is married and has managed to keep his personal life to himself.



His young brother is Trevor Chirumiko who is affectionately known as Layaan Soulja is a producer as well as a television and radio presenter.[3]


He went to Rukudzo Primary School and later Kambuzuma High 1 School.[4]

Early life

Winky D, became interested in music when he was 8 and took pleasure in collecting reggae audio tapes and vinyls.[5]

Early career

When he was 16, he performed at the Ghetto Lane Clashes which were DJ battles meant to showcase the best emerging talent. He instantly made fans as he continued participating in similar platforms. It was from these shows where he earned the name 'Wicked Deejay' which was shortened to Winky D for his powerful lyrics.[5] When he started recording, his music had explicit lyrics and extolled violence, gangsterism, and promiscuity. He however changed and started singing gospel music from 2013, and songs urging youths to shun using drugs.[6]



  1. Tears Ft. Anita Jaxson
  2. Vafarisi Ft. Bazooker & Poptain
  3. MuSpirit Ft. Dr Chaii
  4. Shaker Ft. Enzo Ishall
  5. Gonyera Ft. Exq
  6. High Grades Ft. Herman
  7. Ibotso Ft. Holy Ten
  8. Urere Ft. Killer T
  9. Nherera Ft. Mwenje Mathole
  10. Peter Friend Ft. Nutty O
  11. XYZ Ft. Qounfuzed
  12. Dreams Ft. SaintFloew
  13. Dzimba Dzemabwe Ft. Shingai
  14. Chauruka Ft. Tocky Vibes
  1. Amai
  2. Chandelier
  3. Sekai
  4. Chitekete
  5. Siya So
  6. Ijipita
  7. Ndidye Mari ft Buffalo Soljah
  8. Naye
  9. Bhatiri
  10. Murombo
  11. Area 51
  12. Mangerengere
  1. Robots
  2. Highway Code
  3. City Life
  4. Onaiwo
  5. Ngirozi ft Vabati VaJehovha
  6. Gombwe
  7. Bho Yangu
  8. Simba
  9. Dona
  10. Finhu Finhu
  11. Hatiperekedzane
  12. I’m Hot
  13. My Woman
  • Gafa Futi (2016) Produced by Oskid
  1. Happiest Man
  2. Bob Marley
  3. Gafa Party(Toi Toi)
  4. Extraterrestrial
  5. Twenty Five
  6. Panorwadza Moyo
  7. Karma
  8. Photo Life
  9. Hooray
  10. Bhebhi raMwari
  11. Mwendamberi
  12. Daddy

  • Gafa Life Kickstape (2015) Produced by Oskid
  1. Gafa Life
  2. Mirror
  3. Woshora
  4. Idya Mari
  5. Ngoma Futi
  6. Survivor (feat. Shinsoman)
  7. Copyrights
  8. Holiday (feat. Guspy Warrior)
  9. Disappear
  10. Not Nice

  • Igofigo 'the Unthinkable' (October 2010)

  • Twenty Eleven Singles Compilation (April 2011)

  • Pakitchen (November 2011)

  • Life Yangu (October 2012)

  • Say No Single



  • Ragga Musambo Trilogy (2020)
  1. Ragga Musambo
  2. Reply
  3. David & Goliath

Having been born in the ghetto, his music speaks about the everyday struggles of a ghetto child. He devoted his music to poor people’s trials and tribulations and pursuit of happiness.[8]

In February 2015, he unleashed his 2015's theme which is based on releasing singles.[9] He however faced numerous set-backs when he was deserted by some of his band members.[10] He outclassed his arch rival, Seh Calaz at the Harare International Carnival's Zimdancehall night which was held in the Harare Gardens in May 2014.[11]


Winky D has been celebrated by many young Zimdancehall artists for being one of the pioneers of the genre in the country. He is also one of the long-serving musicians in the industry with more than a decade of experience, He has also performed in different continents such as Europe and the Americas.

Disappear Success (Gafa Life 2015)

In 2015, Winky D's fame soared with the release of the album Gafa Life which featured the song Disappear. The album was produced by new producer at the time Oskid. The song topped the charts in Zimbabwe and was also in the BBC Radio 1 Extra Destination Africa Top 5.[12] The song won both the NAMA 2016 Best song of year and Zimdancehall Awards 2016 Song of the year awards.

The song spurned a lot of cover versions on the internet by fans[13] as well as other artists like Tariro neGitare.[14]

Gafa Life Songs

  • Woshora
  • Gafa Life
  • Disappear
  • Survivor (feat Shinsoman)


  • AEAUSA 2023 Awards - Best Reggae / Dancehall Artist[15]
  • NAMA 2016 Best Song of Year for Disappear
  • Zimdancehall Awards 2016 Song of the year for Disappear
  • 2014 Zimdancehall Awards for the song Rokesheni.
  • NAMA for the album Igofigo and People’s Choice Award in 2010
  • 2013 Zim Dancehall awards for:
  • Best video-Vashakabvu
  • Best Social Message-Mafirakureva
  • Best Live Performer
  • Best Artist and the Best Artist Manager-Banda.[16]
  • Best African Dancehall Entertainer Award (2013) [17]

2015 Zimdancehall Awards for

  • Best Dressed Artist
  • Honorary Award
  • Best Live Performer Award
  • Best Artist Manager Award[18]


Winky was endorsed to be the goodwill ambassador of the PSI Zimbabwe in the male circumcision campaign in 2011. He has appeared on various television commercials and on radio stations campaigning for male circumcision as part of the organization's agenda to reduce HIV and AIDS.

Winky D's Videos

Winky D & Buffalo Souljah - Rugare (Offical Video)

Winky D - Panorwadza Moyo ft. Oliver Mtukudzi [Official Audio]

Winky D - Chiramu / I Cry Medley


Musarova Bigman


Ninja Saturday


It was allegedly reported that he was snubbing his circumcision shows on behalf of PSI on the basis that he was partnered by his 'arch rival', Jah Prayzah.[19] Jah Prayzah however dispelled this. It was reported that Winky D has been driving for years without a driver's license dodging members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Traffic Section. On 16 January 2015, his instructor confirmed that Winky D was issued a class 4 drivers license in Chinhoyi.[20]

Arrest for Fraud

In February 2016, Winky D and his manager Jonathan Banda were arrested for failing to pay back a United Kingdom promoter, Luther Pazvakavambwa, whom they allegedly swindled of 16 365 pounds.

The promoter claimed they had already paid for Winky D's air tickets (4 800), visa and permits for six people (3 200), performance fee (7 000) and hotel bills for seven people (at 65 per room) in British pounds.

A local representative of Digital One Promotions reported the matter to the police after failing to reach a consensus with Winky D and his team on the way forward. Winky D and Banda were held at Harare Central Police station but they did not spend the night.

According to Pazvakavambwa, the contract that Winky D signed stated that in the event that the artiste failed to fulfil the show and could not pay back the money, he would have to do another show within 12 months.

In 2015, Digital One through its promoters had engaged the UK Border Agency to ban Winky D from performing in the UK and other European Union countries over the matter.[21]

Gombwe Album launch

The Gombwe Album took a different style to what the fans were used to. Winky D and team after extensive consultations with various stakeholders decided to launch the album with the fans. The announcement came that the Gombwe Chiextra Album and Birthday Bash were going to happen on the 2nd of February 2018 at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) organised by 2 Kings Entertainment. “The strongest part of the album is the lyrics and that is why we said let us do it differently this year because we have been launching albums, but they were not of such magnitude,” Winky D said. Details on the contents of the album were held close to the chest until launch day, owing to the secretive nature of the artiste, he promised that it will be historic, as he dishes out “the new order”. On that day, the Gafa tamed the Harare International Conference Centre, with over 6000+ in attendance and others being turned away due to capacity constraints.


Winky D reportedly said he is a fan of Barcelona and Man City fan. When it comes to food he likes vegetables and fish.

Death Hoax

In a story published on April 23, 2019 Zimbabweans were left in shock following a shocking piece of news on social media claiming that Winky D had died. The story also went viral in January 2021.

The story claimed that Winky D had died in a road accident near Gwanda.

The message went on to claim that Winky D’s Manager Jonathan Banda is reported to have confirmed the sad development.

The message which was littered with grammatical errors read as follows:

"BREAK NEWS: WINKY D DIED IN A CAR ACCIDENT Zimbabwe’s award winning dancehall icon Wallace Chirumiko aka Winky D was involved in a fatal head on collision with a haulage truck this evening around 19:00hrs,12km near Gwanda. Contacted for comments, Winky D’s manager,Jonathan Banda confirmed saying; We have received the sad news that Winky D and two of his friends died on the spot following a fatal accident.For more info please kindly contact his family.”

Later it was confirmed as fake news.[22]

Pindula Market


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