Harare - Nyamapanda Bus Accident (4 Aug 2014)

Nyamapanda Bus Accident (4 Aug 2014)
Bus Disaster
The Wreckage of the Bus which Plunged into the River
Date4 Aug 2014
LocationHarare- Nyamapanda Highway, 22km peg
Bus operatorZUPCO
Damagebus damaged

Accident Summary

Date: Monday, 4 August 2014
Location: Harare- Nyamapanda Highway, 22 km peg
Involved: ZUPCO bus and Mujawo Transport haulage truck
Deaths: 13
Injuries: 18 injured
Cause of accident: Haulage truck was reversing and Harare-bound bus came and side-swiped it, leading to bus plunging into the river

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Accident Details

This accident involved a ZUPCO bus and a haulage truck along the Harare- Nyamapanda Highway in August 2014. The accident happened at the 22 km peg, along the Harare-Nyamapanda highway, near Shamva turn-off.[1] The bus was travelling towards Harare from Malawi. Details from the police indicated that 10 people died on the spot while three others died on their way to the hospital.[1] 25 of the 42 people on board were said to be Malawians. According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the accident occurred when truck driver Wonderful Nyamurambe, 42, who was travelling towards Nyamapanda was allegedly waylaid by suspected armed robbers who placed bundles of clothes in the middle of the road which the driver mistook for dead bodies. He then tried to avoid the mistaken dead bodies resulting in the bus plunging into a river.[1]

List of People who died

  1. Beather Moyo, a female aged 41 of 120 Pendennis Road, Mount Pleasant, Harare
  2. Tandiwa Madya, a female aged 28 of 19 Ruredzo Makoni Street, Mbare, Harare
  3. Alice Chipo Mubvuma, a female aged 40 of 24112, Unit O Seke, Chitungwiza
  4. Jacqualine Ngwerume, a female aged 27 of 3850 Old Highfield, Harare
  5. Jasphine Zimowa, a female aged 46 of 35 Sussex Road, Avondale Harare
  6. Madi Filaju, a male aged 67, of F31 Torwood Kwekwe
  7. Acqualine Ndau, a female aged 66 of 14572, New Magwegwe, Bulawayo
  8. Mposa Stanley Sitende, a male aged 68 of B3330, Gunhill, Chinhoyi
  9. Taurai Kumbi James, a male aged 36 of 13792 of Chikonohono, Chinhoyi
  10. Calista Mugero, a female aged 50 of 1131 Chakanetsa Street, Marondera
  11. Robert Mukandawire, no further particulars known
  12. Idris Bare, a male aged 24 years of 1654, 157 Circle Kuwadzana 5, Harare
  13. Jaqueline Ndoro, a female adult of 1457, New Magwegwe, Bulawayo.[2]


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