High Schools Of Zimbabwe

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Below is a list of High Schools in Zimbabwe, by Province. We know the list is incomplete. Please assist with any corrections, updates and more information - contact hello@pindula.com.

See Zimbabwe 2022 School Calendar.
November/December 2022 Examination time tables:

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Bulawayo Province (officially Bulawayo Metropolitan Province)

See File:Bulawayo Province - Secondary Schools.pdf

Harare Province (officially Harare Metropolitan Province)

See File:Harare Province - Secondary Schools.pdf

Manicaland Province

See File:Manicaland Province - Secondary Schools.pdf

Mashonaland Central Province

See File:Mashonaland Central Secondary Schools.pdf

Mashonaland East Province

See File:Mashonaland East - Secondary Schools.pdf

Mashonaland West Province

See File:Mashonaland West - Secondary Schools.pdf

Masvingo Province

See File:Masvingo Province - Secondary Schools.pdf

Matabeleland North Province

See File:Matebeleland North - Secondary Schools.pdf

Matabeleland South Province

See File:Matebeleland South - Secondary Schools.pdf

Midlands Province

See File:Midlands Province - Secondary Schools.pdf

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