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BornMacDonald Chidavaenzi
(1985-01-15) January 15, 1985 (age 38)
  • Music Producer.
Years active2004 to Present

MacDee is an award winning, one of the most sought after and talented producers in Zimbabwe. He also ventured into singing and released several singles in the process.


McDee was born on January 15, 1985.[1] He attended Msengezi High School. He lost his mother in March 2018.


MacDonald Chidavaenzi has produced some of the best albums and singles for several Zimbabwean artists. He has produced award-winning songs such as Leonard Mapfumo's "Two Chete", EX-Q featuring Oliver Mtukudzi "Pane Rudo", Diana Samkange's "Kumaziva ndadzoka"[2] Bethen Pasinawako’s "Ndinzverei", Plaxedes Wenyika’s "Nguva Yekudanana" to Alexio Kawara’s "Tinodanana" and Extra Large’s "Small House".[3] He was introduced to music by MOVIP Records and mentored by Tapiwa Gunde after which he linked up with Philemon Gezi and co-founded Start Connected Studios nicknamed "Machikichori".

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Mcdee is also the owner of Eternity Productions, a record stable which has the likes of Trevor Dongo and King Shaddy attached to it. Mcdee is said to have started producing music in 2004 and would take it to bigger stable such as Metro Studios Diamond Production Studios for marketing but grew to become a fully independent stable.[4] While McDee made a name producing music for urban groovers, he has also produced music for the likes of Zimpraise, Pastor G, Kudzi Nyakudya, and Sabastian Magacha.[3]

Albums Produced by MacDee

Award Winning Albums

A separate album done by Extra Large titled "Still at Large" also had a NAMA nomination.

Personal Achievements

  • Zimbabwe Music Awards’ Producer of the Year for (2006)
  • Frank Johnson Primary Pianist of the Year award


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