Sniper Storm

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Sniper Storm
Zimdancehall Artist Sniper Storm.jpg
Background information
Born (1978-07-05) July 5, 1978 (age 45)
Waterfalls, Harare
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter
Years active1999 to present

Sniper Storm is a popular Zimdancehall artist. Storm's most popular songs include Kwarira Mukati, Luv Yemsoja, Hapana Hapana. He is one of the pioneering artists of the genre having started his career as far back as 1999.


Born Donald Chirisa on 7 July 1979 in Waterfalls, Harare. Sniper's parents divorced while he was still very young, prompting his grandmother to raise him.


Donald Chirisa has four children.[1] Sniper Storm has a daughter Ribbon Matipaishe with Chipo Muchegwa.

Child Neglect Allegations

In December 2021, Sniper Storm was accused of neglecting his child with Chipo Muchegwa.

According to sources, Sniper had not been sending anything towards the child’s upkeep. When contacted for comment, Sniper told H-Metro the matter was too personal. He said:

"This is a personal issue between me and Muchegwa and I would not want anything going into the media. I am a very responsible father and have always left the door open for her to discuss with me anything concerning the child but she chooses to go public with it. I will deal with her misbehaviour and make sure my child receives all the support she desires. From our last meeting, I told her that she can always reach out to me but I’m no longer sure of her motives."

On the other hand, Muchegwa could neither confirm nor deny that Sniper was neglecting their child.[2]


Sniper attended Seke 4 High School in Chitungwiza.

Early Life

Sniper started his musical career during his high school days at Seke 4 High in Chitungwiza.

Full Time Music Career

It was however in 1999 that he started to seriously concentrate on music through participating in emceeing battles and similar platforms. He participated in a similar emceeing contest in the same year battling it out with the then legends Major E, Daddy D and Booker T at Live Wire Nightclub.

After what he called "a crowd shocking performance",[3] Sniper realized that his full potential was in music and after writing more songs, started performing in clubs. His first single was recorded by legendary Delani Makhalima at Shamiso Entertainment Studios. In the year 2000 he recorded Dem Wanna Know Me a single featured on the Gone Platinum Compilation CD by Mo Vip studios.

He also then featured on David Chifunyise’s remix of the hit, Tauya Naye which was on the ground breaking compilation CD album "The Future" by Shamiso Records , which was his second studio recording. The same year, as more local artists emerged, Sniper went on to join Galaxy Records a stable founded by then hottest producer Delani Makhalima in 2002 who had left Shamiso Records.

Sniper rose to prominence with the humorous, Gede which enjoyed extensive airplay on radio.[4] He then released his debut album "Ndakabata mic" in 2009, with the title track making Sniper a household name in the dancehall industry.

Legal Cases


In September 2018, Sniper Storm dragged his pregnant girlfriend to court accusing her of stealing his whisky collection from his home while he was away doing musical shows.

The girlfriend, Paidamoyo Mpompoma, appeared before Harare magistrate Tilda Mazhande facing theft and malicious damage to property charges.

She was released on $50 bail and her trial was postponed to September 25 2018 after the court indicated it was overwhelmed with cases.

She denies the charges, telling the court that Chirisa wants to drive her away from his house.

Mpompoma eloped to Sniper Storm on 13 September 2018 claiming that she was pregnant and wanted to stay with him.

Chirisa accepted her on the condition that she sleeps in the spare bedroom while he tries to map the way forward. Two days later, the musician left for South Africa. His girlfriend had access to all other rooms but Chirisa locked his bedroom.

It is alleged that Mpompoma then broke into the bedroom and stole 12 bottles of whisky worth $350. She also stole car keys, registration book and agreement of sale documents.[1]


Luv Yemsoja
Guspy Warrior ft Sniper Storm and Dadza D-Dancehall Champions
Hazvisi Bho


  • Silver Bullet 2014
  • Musoja
  • Love Yemusoja (2013
  • Ndakabata mic (2009)
  • Doen Feng.[5]
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In 2009, Sniper and Winky D performed at the Zimfest music festival in the United Kingdom. The two courted controversy after allegedly singing a racist song which appeared to attack white people. They were taken off stage immediately, and were banned to peform at the festival again.[6]

Feud with Winky D

In 2010, at the Mavado show at the Harare International Conference Centre, he went to the stage where Winky D was preforming and grabbed the mic from him after the latter allegedly performed over his allocated time. Winky D – who was using a live band was the supporting act who was given 45 minutes, Sniper and the rest having allocated 30 minutes but Winky D could not leave the stage when his time was off.[7] even though the two apologized to each other, the rift is still seen when they perform at the same event, by not greeting each other and by failing to perform together.[8] This slipt their fans into two camps with Sniper leading "Masoja" and Winky D "Maninja".

Death Rumours

In July 2016 a message circulated on social media alleging that Sniper Storm had died in a car accident. However, his manager Chido Musasiwa-Gutu dismissed the rumours saying,

We would like to advise all the Masoja fans that the General is alive and well. There have been such rumors before and totally uncalled for but for those that wish Sniper Dead his time will only be dictated by God and not by man. We will keep you advised on shows and upcoming new releases and hope that we will be together for a very long time.




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