Disc Jockey (DJ), Television Personality, Businessman
Tich Mataz
Tichafa Augustine Matambanadzo, DJ, Television Personality, Tich Mataz
BornTichafa Augustine Matambanadzo
  • Disc Jockey (DJ)
  • Television Personality


Years active1988 to present
EmployerZiFM Stereo

Tichafa Augustine Matambanadzo who is mostly known by his radio name 'Tich Mataz' is a disc jockey-cum-businessman. He is also a television personality and is also a prominent Master of Ceremony (MC) who has hosted many events. He currently works for ZiFM Stereo.


He was born in 1969.

Broadcasting career

Tich Mataz joined Power FM in 1988 which was then known as Radio 3.[1] He later on relocated to South Africa. In 1994, he joined 5FM. He was however deported.[1] He presented the famous Coca-Cola On The Beat Music show which was aired on Zimbabwe Television (ZTV) in the 1990s.

Tich Mataz was suspended from Power FM in 2009.[2] He however rejoined Power FM in 2011.[3] In April 2014, it was allegedly reported that he had joined X-Stream Visual Radio (XVR), a South African radio station which was launched in 2014.[4] His career was however affected by his numerous fraud allegations. In November 2014, it was reported that he was rehired by Star FM after he was suspended in 2013.[5]

Fraud Allegations

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Tich Mataz was arrested in March 2009 after he was accused of swindling the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) which was then being led by Gideon Gono. It was reported that he was contracted to supply RBZ with hampers for its Basic Commodities Supply Side Intervention (BACCOSI) programme as well procuring tractors for the central bank's agricultural programme meant to avail equipment to farmers.[6] In spite of being paid, he failed to deliver the goods. During this time, he was a director at Family Choice (Subverted Solutions) Pvt Ltd.

In December 2013, Tich Mataz was suspended from Star FM together with Acie Lumumba were he was the Programmes Manager on allegations of swindling the radio station again of more than US$125 000. The Zimbabwe Newspaper Group (Zimpapers) requested for an internal audit to be done to know how funds were disbursed at the radio station.[7] The audit revealed that more than US$125 000 meant for the station was diverted to bank accounts owned by Hamtech Investments and Onesay Investments of which it was believed that these companies belonged to Tich Mataz.[7]

It was also reported that, Tich Mataz misrepresented some clients as he claimed that he was an agent of Star FM through Hamtech Investments and Onesay Investments.[7] He was however released from Remand Prison after he was granted bail. Notwithstanding this, the station rehired him in November 2014 on the basis that he was one of the most celebrated people capable of reviving the station which was in dire need of being rejuvenated.[5]

On 18 February 2014, he appeared in court on allegations of swindling US$5 000 from a Harare businessman identified as Jimmy Mukurumbandi. It was reported that Tich Mataz and three other people approached Mukurumbandi and asked him to sponsor them as they were bound to Switzerland on a government related business trip. They also stated that they could only pay Mukurumbandi his money on return.[8] Tich Mataz and company failed to pay Mukurumbandi who later went on to report the matter.

Smuggling Case

In February 2017 Matambanadzo appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court facing allegations of smuggling after he failed to declare several clothing items he had brought from China.

The court heard that he picked his luggage from the carousels and proceeded to the green route, where he was then stopped by a Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) official, Patrick Mukanganwi, who then directed him to go the red route. It is alleged Matambanadzo was handed over to another Zimra official, Munyaradzi Mhanda, who was manning cubicle number three of the red route, who then handed him a declaration form.

After making a declaration, Mhanda went through Matambanadzo’s goods and discovered he had several suits, shirts, tracksuit bottoms and shoes, according to the physical examination form. After working out the duty, Mhanda found out Matambanadzo was supposed to have paid $538,75 in duty, which he had not. Mhanda then proceeded to yet another cubicle to capture the information in the system, but upon return, he discovered Matambanadzo had disappeared without paying the required duty.[9]

In March 2017, he was convicted of import duty evasion and smuggling. Matambanadzo was ordered to pay a fine of $300 or face two months in prison. He was also ordered to $538,75 in duty.[10]

Becoming Prophet

In May 2017, Hmetro reported that Matambanadzo had spoken to God via a phone after Paul Sanyangore had prayed for him. Speaking on the experience Mataz said:

I was amazed, actually shocked. There is a living God and you have to believe. God makes things happen and there was impartation.

Sanyangore also said that the impartation happened after he prayed for Tich Mataz to prove that God can communicate via the phone. Asked if Tich was now a prophet, the preacher said:

It should not come to you as a surprise that Tich delivered prophetic messages, the spirit of the Lord can be shared and people can prophesy. At one point the Israelites asked is Saul among the prophets now? Everything is there for all to see, our television channel Victory TV is up and people can watch.



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